17 HMR vs. 17 HM Mach2

I found out this week that I can take my old 10/22, which shoots like crap after running 200,000 rounds through it over the years, and turn it into a 17Mach2 for less than $250. My understanding is that I just need a new barrel, a couple of bolt buffers and a new bolt handle.

The 17 Mach2 shoots at 2100 ft per second and is just a regular 22 long rifle cartridge that has been chambered for the Hornady 17 caliber 17 grain V-Max Ballistic Tip Bullet. Here’s What ShootingTimes.com said about it.

From a rifle at 175 yards the .17M2 is still going faster than a .22 LR at the muzzle. The muzzle energy of the .17M2′s 17-grain bullet (166 ft-lbs) is 18 percent greater than a 40-grain .22 LR (140 ft-lbs). Its trajectory is flat! Zeroed at 100 yards, the .17M2 has only a 0.7-inch mid-range rise at 50 yards; a .22 LR has a 2.9-inch rise.

For $239.00, don’t you think adding a stainless fluted bull barrel in 17 calibre to your old 10/22 is worth it? Check out this Ruger 10/22 to 17 Mach2 conversion kit if your looking to really kill some squirrels, but would rather pay $5.00 per 50 rounds instead of the $11.00 per 50 rounds that it currently costs for 17 HMR ballistic tip ammunition.


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