I’m A Squirrel Sniper
I’m A Squirrel Sniper…

(Sung to the tune of the wheel of fortune ad on TV… You know, “I’m a wheel watcher, I’m a wheel watcher.” OK, you caught me, I’m a dork.)

Yesterday morning, Sunday the somethingth of May (Not really sure since I’m so dang tired), I took my trusty Savage .17 with the Accutrigger to Oregon and killed all their squirrels. No, really, I killed all the squirrels in Oregon yesterday by myself. Well, maybe the Verminator got one or two, but the rest of the dead squirrels in Oregon are mine. Muuhhaaa hhhaaaaa hhhaaaaa…

Once again, the Squirrel Sniper and the Verminator snuck across state lines and invaded Oregon in the early hours of a bright, sunny, day. We drove the 3 hours to Unity to make sure that any squirrels not killed in the Annual Unity Squirrel Slaughter had a chance to see all of their dearly departed relatives. We got there around 1pm, (OK, it really took us like 5 flippin hours, but that was only because we stopped and checked out other “dead squirrel zones” along the way.) and stopped and talked to a rancher about shooting some squirrels for her.

The rancher lady was really nice and told us to have at it, so we did. I have some really great footage of the Verminator whacking squirrels with his .204, but that is for the next post (So he got more than 2, whatever, it’s my blog). After we got the footage we needed, we went back to Unity and set up outside of town with our bench rests, sunflower seeds and our 17′s. Man those 17hmr’s are hard on the squirrels!

Over the next 5 hours, we shot over 200 squirrels between us, and only had to move the shooting benches twice; just like last time. The new crop of baby squirrels were up and around, and they are so dumb that you can’t miss. (Especially if you shoot their mama’s first.) Using the Horniday V-Max with the 17grain ballistic tip just about blows them in half, and if you hit them again, it does.

The wind was blowing about 20-25mph, so I missed with my first 5 shots or so because I was holding way off target, but once I figured that the wind wasn’t having any affect, I knocked them dead, literally. According to the wind drift charts I have, the 17′s should have really been knocked off target, but, since the wind was mostly quartering from behind, it didn’t seem to affect the impact point enough to make a difference.

I’ve always heard that the ground squirrels stay down when the wind is blowing, but that looks like it’s not true. The last couple of times I’ve been over there to shoot squirrels, the wind has been blowing pretty hard, but they’ve been quite active. One thing we did notice though, was that when the sun went behind a cloud, the sage rats all made a beeline for their wholes and stayed there till the sun came back out. So the info about squirrels not coming out when it’s cloudy could be true.

Since I don’t have any footage of us shooting squirrels with our 17′s, and I’m mostly just rambling, I’ll quit here and go see if I can get the video of the Verminator popping squirrels with his .204 posted.

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