Favorite Squirrel Hunting Caliber?
The .17HMR IS Mine!

The guys over at Arkansas Hunting have a poll going to see who likes to shoot squirrels with which calibers. Right now, the 22 long rifle is in the lead, with the 17 HMR way down in the bottom of the barrel, next to the bow hunters. So, I need all the hunters out there who shoot the 17 to go over there, sign up for an account and vote for your favorite squirrel shooting caliber (as long as it’s the .17 HMR…). If they want to know where everyone is coming from, tell them SquirrelSniper sent you. LOL

Here’s a breakdown of the current poll. I’ve never used a shotgun to go squirrel hunting with, but you have to remember, these guys are shooting tree squirrels. I don’t have a clue as to the bow hunters. I can’t imagine shooting squirrels in trees with a bow. Every time you missed, you’d have to climb the dang tree and pull your arrow out. Doesn’t sound like much fun to me.

.17 Mach II            0        00.0%
.17 HMR                6        11.32%
.22 LR                29        54.72%
.22 Mag                5         9.43%
Shotgun               11        20.75%
Bow                    2         3.77% 

So, get over there and vote now!


2 Responses to “
Favorite Squirrel Hunting Caliber?
The .17HMR IS Mine!”

  1. Atlongjr says:

    As a recent Arkansas transplant there is one thing you didn’t consider in the Arkansas Hunter poll. Either they are hunting squirrels to suplement their diet, or they are so cheap they won’t invest the $ 300.00 + $ 10.00/ box just to see squirrels explode in their scope. Personally I find it quite a good investment for cheap entertainment. I’m shooting a 9317GV with a Tasco 1040X50mm, with Hornady Varmint Express on Grey Squirrels, Ground Hogs, Musk Rats, etc. Lots cheaper than 55 gr. 243 V-Shoks and they blow all of the critters up! Next I’m going to try Coytoes and Fox.

  2. brock says:

    hi my name is Brock and i would like to know how much is a .17 cal rifle (HM2).

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