Henry .17 HMR Golden Boy

I got my new Henry Repeating Arms .17 HMR lever action rifle today, and will take it to the range tomorrow. It has a scope mount on it, so I will be checking it out with 2-3 different scopes to see which one works best. It’s a really nice rifle and the action is very smooth, but the thing weighs a ton (yea, I need to eat some more wheaties). My wife tried it out and was like, “Holy crap Squirrelman, that thing weighs a ton.”

When I picked it up from the gun dealer today, we both tried it out and it was a little short for a couple of grown men to just throw up to the eye in total comfort, but it still felt good. My guess is that it will become really easy to adapt my shooting style to take into account it’s shorter length, and that teenagers and women are going to be snatching this thing off the shelf. If I had it to do over, I would spend a little extra and get one of the “Big Boy” rifles from Henry, but that ‘s because I am a “big boy” at 6 feet tall and 300 lbs.

I’ll let you know more tomorrow, after I’ve tried it out.

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