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Henry Rifles - Beautiful Free Catalog

You’ve probably heard of Henry Rifles. They’ve been around since 1862 making some of the finest, smoothest lever action rifles in the industry.  But they haven’t rested on their laurels!  They continue to turn out product after product that is award winning and finely tuned.

We’re proud to feature Henry Rifles as our primary site sponsor. They have continued to faithfully support us to bring you some great content and the love of ground squirrel and varmint hunting.

Henry puts out a beautiful catalog of their products. In it you’ll read the colorful history of the company and the details of all their rifles and accessories that they sell.  Big, two-page spreads with detailed photos of all their rifles – from the original lever actions in all calibers to the Henry Big Boy, Golden Boy series, Frontier series, and all the bolt action series.  They even have the U.S. Survival AR-7 .22 LR that is really handy.

But don’t forget about the Henry Varmint Express .17 HMR.  One of the hotest, sweetest, smoothest lever action .17 HMR, squirrel-killin’ machines around. I’m just about to order mine.

I urge you to get the catalog. It’s free.  And it’s tempting.  As a visitor to this website, Henry will gladly send one out to you.  Henry sponsors us because they know our readers enjoy hunting, shooting and fine guns.

Some of the Henry Rifles collection

Click to get your catalog of these fine Henry Rifles.

So – do it now.  Click HERE to get your catalog.

Even if you never buy a Henry, you’ll want to keep this catalog around to read and to refer to.  It’s a genuine piece of American history.  History that seems to be fading daily.


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