I Still Need To Finish Sighting In My .17HMR

I went to the shooting range last week and shot my Savage .17 HMR. The trigger pull was a dream, so I’m pretty sure it is going to be one of my favorite varmint guns, but I still need to shoot it some more to tighten up my groups.

At 100 yards, with my new Bushnell 6x18x50mm, this is what I shot with my 5 round groups:

  • CCI Hollow Point: 1.5 inches
  • Remington V-Max: 1.25 Inches
  • Hornady V-Max: .9 inches

So, I guess for now, the Hornady 17 grain V-Max is going to be the round I use at the Unity, Oregon squirrel shoot.

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  1. atlongjr says:

    How many rounds have you fired through your Savage 17HMR? I just bought one about three weeks ago and found an interesting article on the Savage website regarding barrel break in. After following their break in recommendations my Savage 93R17GV is shooting .375″ groups with Hornady .17 grain VMax. @100 yds. Great little $ 200.00 rifle.

  2. bnorris116 says:

    I own 2 savage .17hmr rifles. the 1st is the model 93 with the sporter barrel and no accutrigger. i bought it when the .17HMR was first introduced. The rifle i shoot most is the 9317SS. stainless bull barrel and accutrigger. both have BSA Sweet 17 6-18×40 scopes. The rifle with the accutrigger I have shot groundhogs with at 275 yards. This is an awesome gun!

  3. justin says:

    savag is kool but i had to buy the marlin it just seemed to be a little beter built. and i think i just got lucky on the trigger pull because mines like breakin glass

  4. Dennis says:

    I just ordered the Savage 93R17 Classic. Got good price: $414 before Texas tax. I should have it tomorrow and will probably put a Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 on it. Looking forward to checking it out.

  5. Shoot some squirrels with it, then tell us how tight it shoots.

    I love hearing about different guns, ammo and scope combos. I’m looking forward to hearing how the new 17 works for you, and what your opinion of it is after a few 100 rounds.

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