New Savage .17HMR With AccuTrigger

I bought a new Savage stainless steel .17 HMR with synthetic stock and the AccuTrigger. The AccuTrigger is cool. I’ve always been too cheap to send a gun in for a trigger job, so buying a rifle that lets me adjust the trigger pull from 1.5 lbs to 6 lbs myself is awesome.

The idea behind the AccuTrigger is that trigger pull makes a big difference on accuracy, because the harder you have to pull, the more likely you are to pull off target. But most people don’t know how to do a trigger job, and don’t even know what trigger pull to request if they had one done. Also, since most people don’t know what kind of trigger pull they want or need, Savage was smart and built a safety into their new AccuTrigger so that when a newbie sets the trigger to 1.5 lbs, they don’t blow their durn fool head off. LOL

The really neat thing about the safety on the AccuTrigger, is that you don’t even feel it. The safety is a very thin piece of metal that sticks out in front of your trigger, think of it as a two stage trigger, that activates the trigger as your finger slides the safety back and touches the main trigger. Of course, there is also a regular slide safety built into the bolt, up on the right side.

I took the rifle out on Thursday to sight it in, but the 4 x 12 x 40mm (maybe 42mm) Bushnell scope I bought for it off of eBay is busted. Nice, I love buying a scope that another shooter/hunter has found to be broken and then listed for sale to see if he can sucker someone into buying it. When a scope won’t come within 10 inches of vertical at 100 yards, it’s time to throw it out, not try to sell it to another hunter. (And yes, I tried it on multiple rifles with different sets of rings.)

I didn’t get to sight the rifle in, but I did shoot it, and you really need to scrub the action down before shooting this rifle for the first time. I only ran a boresnake through it a couple of times before shooting it, instead of giving it the thorough cleaning that I should have. So, out of the first 20 rounds I put though it, I had 5 misfires.

VERMINATOR, the gun guru in our family, pulled the bolt out and sprayed some sort of magic firing pin love and release potion on it, and then it fired a whole lot better; only 1 misfire in 20 rounds. I still need to clean it correctly before I take it out again.

So, I still don’t know how well the new Savage 17 HMR shoots, but I will find out sometime next week after I buy a new 6 x 18 x 50mm Bushnell for it from Bi-Mart or Wal-Mart (Yea, I’m cheap.). If nothing else, I need to get it done before the end of April, because I got a spot on one of the two Squirrel shooting teams from Milton-Freewater, Oregon that are going to the Unity Squirrel Shoot next month. WhooHoo!

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  1. atlongjr says:

    Here is some information on the Savage website on cleaning of a new rifle to insure proper break in of the barrel. Hope this is useful. I just purchased a Savage 93R17 GV and followed this to the letter. In no wind conditions with a Tasco 1040×50 it will shoot .410″ three shot groups at 100 yards with any of the 17gr ammo. I haven’t shot any of the 20gr. stuff yet but it is supposed to be less destructive to small game than the 17gr varmint express and the Federal V-Shok. I don’t hunt small animals for food so I personally don’t see the point in using the 20gr cause they don’t explode.

    A. Although there may be different schools of thought on barrel break-in, this is what Precision Shooting Magazine recommends:

    STEP 1 (repeated 10 times)

    Fire one round
    Push wet patches soaked with a powder solvent through the bore
    Push a brush through the bore (5 times in each direction)
    Push dry patches through the bore (2 times)
    Push wet patches soaked with a copper solvent through the bore
    Push a brush through the bore (5 times in each direction)
    Push dry patches through the bore (2 times)
    Push a patch with 2 drops of oil through the bore
    STEP 2 (repeated 5 times)

    Fire a 3 shot group
    Repeat the cleaning procedure from STEP 1 after each group
    STEP 3 (repeat 5 times)

    Fire a 5 shot group
    Repeat the cleaning procedure from STEP 1
    They recommend the use of a patch with 2 drops of oil after the cleaning so that you are not shooting with a dry bore. It is also advisable to use a powder solvent and copper solvent from the same manufacturer to be sure they are chemically compatible.

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