Savage .17 HMR – BSA Sweet 17 3-12 x 40 Rifle Scope (on sale)

It’s time to build up a new rifle to share with my kids (uh, yeah honey, it’s for the kids :>).

I’m waiting for the Savage .17 HMR to go on sale at my local stores or Cabelas.   I picked the Savage .17 HMR due to the cost/performance/accuracy and overall value.  It’s really hard to beat.

I found the BSA Sweet 17  3-12 x 40 scope on sale at Cabelas online for $49.95 (hurry – there’s still some left). This scope is normally $129 – $149. I know the BSA Sweet 17 isn’t preferred by a few marksmen but I have found it to be very adequate for 100 – 150 yds for varmints.

I’ll keep this rig in my truck when traveling around the back roads in rural Nebraska. There’s plenty of opportunities here, especially in the West.

Oh – gotta put a camera mount on it, too. I wanna share the fun through recording videos (only the hits, of course!).

Stay tuned….I’ll post the build up as I go.

Shoot straight – stay safe.

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