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More Free Squirrel Targets: Grey Squirrels

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

I made a Grey Squirrel target for those of you who actually hunt these things out of trees. Don’t get me wrong, a squirrel is a squirrel, but I prefer to site a couple of hundred yards away with my Bushmaster or my 17 HMR Savage and explode them from a benchrest while sipping on a soda and spitting sunflower seeds.

I prefer ground squirrels to tree squirrels because there are usually a whole lot more of them, they’ve been eating sage, so they’re already seasoned, and it doesn’t require me to traipse through the woods to find them. (I used to be OK in the woods, but I’m now old, overweight and so out of shape that I can’t sneak up on anything anymore; hence the benchrest.)

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Have fun using these free targets and tell your friends and neighbors where you got them.



Squirrel Hunting Scopes & Optics

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

Here is a list of cheap scopes that will make your squirrel hunting just that much better. There isn’t any reason to spend a bunch on optics when most of the rodents I’ve ever shot were under 200 yards. I use a cheap Bushnell 6x18x50 on my .17hmr, and I’ve never had any problems hitting what I was shooting at. I also use a Bushnell on my .223 Bushmaster, and I paid less than $40.00 for that scope because it was used. (more…)

Free Squirrel Hunting Targets

Sunday, May 20th, 2007

I got tired of buying squirrel hunting targets, so I made some of my own. I will be adding more targets over the next few days, including some for pigeons (Flying Rats), Ravens and other types of ground and tree squirrels. This one is of a California ground squirrel.

To get the best picture, I would just turn the ink setting to draft mode so that you don’t use up a ton of ink. The squirrel pictures are aprox. 8 inches wide by 4.5 inches tall, so I put two on the target. At that size, it pretty much makes a life sized target of a small to medium sized ground squirrel. (I prefer to practice on the small ones, because it makes hitting the big ones just that much easier.

Life sized squirrel target.

[We moved all the targets to one location.
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Get Rid Of Squirrels
The Squirrel Sniper Way!

Monday, May 7th, 2007

Here is the video that I shot yesterday of the Verminator ridding the world of vermin (hence the name). We were in a little valley about 6 miles from Unity, Oregon. The wind was blowing pretty good, as you can see by the video, but it didn’t seem affect the .204 that the Verminator was shooting. The only shot I saw him miss was at a squirrel around 400 yards away with a 20+ mph cross wind; maybe I should let him be the Squirrel Sniper.

I personally think the video rocks and should be sent to schools for kids to learn the proper disposal method for ground squirrels, but I’m sure someone would take umbridge and I would end up in the local news looking like some kind of wack job… Again. LOL

Double click on the play button to get the movie to play.

I’m A Squirrel Sniper
I’m A Squirrel Sniper…

Monday, May 7th, 2007

(Sung to the tune of the wheel of fortune ad on TV… You know, “I’m a wheel watcher, I’m a wheel watcher.” OK, you caught me, I’m a dork.)

Yesterday morning, Sunday the somethingth of May (Not really sure since I’m so dang tired), I took my trusty Savage .17 with the Accutrigger to Oregon and killed all their squirrels. No, really, I killed all the squirrels in Oregon yesterday by myself. Well, maybe the Verminator got one or two, but the rest of the dead squirrels in Oregon are mine. Muuhhaaa hhhaaaaa hhhaaaaa… (more…)

The Verminator Is After Varmints

Saturday, May 5th, 2007

I’m headed to Unity again tomorrow to shoot a few more squirrels. I wanted to just hang out at the house and fix the messed up video about counting squirrels, but my brother-in-law, the Verminator, feels the need to kill something. (more…)

6,782 Dead Squirrels

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

Here is the video of the sage rat count at the shoot in Unity, Oregon over the weekend. From what I understand, I only accounted for 35 dead rats; not very good at all. But, my 6X18X50mm Bushnell scope combined with my new Savage .17HMR did pretty good considering the conditions we had to work with.

The field that we drew was outside Ironside, Oregon, and there couldn’t have been more than 200 ground squirrels spread out over an area somewhere around 320 to 640 acres. The squirrels had been so shot up that you were lucky if you could get within 100 yards of them. I had 3 shots under 50 yards, with most shots being between 100 and 150 yards. (more…)