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My Bushmaster V Match .223

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

I found out that my Bushmaster is a V Match, not a Varminter like I thought, so that explains why my rifle is a little bit more accurate than Verminator’s Varminter. (I love saying that…) But, since it has the same feeding problem as the Varminter, I decided to actually do something about it. I called Bushmaster.

Bushmaster has great customer service. Period.

I called them and told them my rifle had an eating disorder, and almost nothing would go down like it was supposed to. So, the guy I was talking to said no problem, and transferred me to the nice Lady who gives out RA’s (Return Authorizations). I gave her the serial number on the gun, my name and address, phone number and email address, and she told me she would email me a FedEx return label ASAP.

Then I asked her if I could send the whole gun, instead of just the upper, and have them install the 2 stage trigger while they had it. She said no problem, and that they wouldn’t even charge me for installing it, since I was buying it from them. It was definitely the easiest return and fix I’ve ever dealt with with a gun company. (Winchester once told me they could fix a rifle I had just bought from Big 5 (broken), but I wouldn’t get it back for 3-6 months.)

I got the FedEx label and the RA in my email about 15 minutes later. WOW! Now all I have to do is print the label, slap it on the box with my rifle in it and head on down to FedEx. How cool is that?

The best part of this whole thing is that they didn’t give me any hassles, they actually acted like they were happy to help me and, best of all, I’ll be able to shoot the Verminator under the table. This is because I have a better barrel, and once they put in my 2 stage trigger, my groups will probably drop to 3/8th at 100 yards. (I’m shooting around .6 inch groups at a 100 yards now, and that’s with the 200 lbs trigger pull that my Bushmaster has now.) Of course, if we shoot at anything over 100 yards, he will still win, because he actually spent more than $100.00 for his scope, which means he can see what he’s shooting at. LOL

Squirrel Sniper

Verminator Shot Varmints With His Varminter

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

The Verminator and SquirrelSniper went to Enterprise, Oregon yesterday and shot the snot out of a bunch of ground squirrels. I was using my Savage 17 hmr with the Accutrigger, and he was using his Bushmaster Varminter, which he just got back from Bushmaster after they fixed his jamming problem. (See earlier post.)

I tried to use my .223 V Match from Bushmaster*, but it’s jamming like crazy, so I was stuck shooting my 17. My V Match shoots a tighter group than his Varminter does, but that doesn’t really count when it jams on every other round. (My V match actually shoots a sub 3/4 inch group where his Varminter shoots a 1 inch group.)

But, I digress. Back to the squirrel hunting….

Hunting & Fishing Tomorrow

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

It’s a rough life, but someone has to laze around smoking, drinking, eating Twinkies and drinking beer while hunting and fishing. OK, I don’t drink when I’m hunting, but I’ve been knows to pop a top or two when it comes to fishing. In other words I’m a bad example of a human being, but who would you have point at, and tell your kids not to be like, if there weren’t people like me around.

The reason I bring up hunting and fishing is because that’s what I’m doing tomorrow. Earlier today I was sitting in front of my computer minding my own business, when God spoke to me.

No, really, he spoke to me. He said “You better go kill some squirrels tomorrow, the season is about over.” I looked at my calendar to see what I needed to do tomorrow, and the date leaped off the page at me and grabbed me by the throat. Holy crap, it’s almost the end of July, tomorrow might be too late.

The ground squirrels around here tend to start hibernating sometime around the end of July, if I’m not quick, I may not get any more this year. So, I called up this guy I know, who likes to shoot squirrels from time to time, and asked him if he was willing to go? He said “yea, but we better take our fishing poles.” (The fishing poles are just in case we don’t see any squirrel; parish the thought!)

I’m not sure about the fishing thing, even though I do like to fish. The problem is, I don’t feel like paying $60.00 or more for an Oregon fishing license when I’m only going to drown a couple of worms in the whole year. I could go to the store and pick up 10 pounds of Salmon for that kind of money, and I’ve never eaten 10 pounds of Salmon in my life, let alone a year.

So, I’m going squirrel hunting, maybe fishing, tomorrow. Maybe I’ll just shoot fish with my 17 hmr, that way I can tell the Game Warden I’m hunting, so I don’t need a fishing license. Do you think that will work, or am I going to wish I’d paid the $60.00?


Squirrels Are Just Fuzzy Rats, Right?

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

I was reading though the squirrel mail this morning and saw a post on a Wildlife Rehabilitation website about some poor squirrel that got shot with a shotgun and couldn’t be transported to their facility in time, so the local animal control officer who was called to the scene had to dispatch it. Whatever, I’m sure he was like “cool, I get to shoot something this morning”. The article then goes on to talk about how this is a life lesson and how we should learn by other’s mistakes and not shoot wildlife.

I’m all about learning from other’s mistakes, especially when it’s a hunting story, but all I get out of this is that you need to spend more time target practicing so you don’t miss. I mean, come on, who the heck misses with a shotgun? And if you do just wound it, don’t make it suffer, shoot it again and again and again until it’s dead. And, if you run out of ammunition, a shotgun makes a really good club. End of lesson. (more…)

Canadians To Eat Roadkilled Squirrels,
Elk & Dear: No, Really!

Friday, July 13th, 2007

I am sooooo moving to British Columbia. B.C. is trying to increase their hunter base, and as part of that program, they are going to start allowing drivers to take home dear, moose, rabbits, and Squirrels etc…, that they hit with their motor vehicles. That’s right, if you hit it with your car, you get to eat it.

The plan is to get “City Folk” to realize that their yummy steak used to live, breath and chew it’s cud in a pasture. Once the realization hits that they can get that same yummy steak by just hitting it with their car, I’m sure they will run out and buy a hunting license to go shoot their own squirrel/moose steaks. (OK, I don’t follow the logic here either, but I’m not Canadian. Eh?) (more…)

Free Squirrel Hunting Target: Sniper Squirrel!

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

Here’s the free hunting target I’ve been promising you. I made it out of the Sniper Squirrel picture that Mashby made and said we could use. Now you will be able to sight in your 17 HMR, 223 Remington or 22-250 on a target that looks like it’s shooting back. You’ve got to admit it’s better to practice shooting your rifle against a squirrel sniper that just shooting a simple squirrel silhouette target.

Those of you who are shooting the Hornady 17 or 20 grain ballistic tip bullet aught to try taping a ketchup packet from McDonalds behind the target on the 10 ring and then video taping the results when you shoot it with your 17′s. It’s cool and makes the target look like it’s bleeding. Which is what you want when facing another sniper head to head. (Nothing like seeing an exploding squirrel to whet the appetite of a squirrel hunter.)

I haven’t tried shooting this squirrel target with a ketchup packet behind it with a 223 ballistic tip, but I’m sure when I do it will be cool. Send me any videos or still pictures you make of shooting this target and I will post them here for posterities sake. Make sure you record how long the shots were so that we can enter you in the squirrel sniper hall of fame; “if you’re any good”. Maybe if you’re awesome we will ask you to join our squirrel hunting team next year at the Unity, Oregon squirrel shoot.

[We moved all the targets to one location.
Click the link below to get ALL the FREE targets.]

Click HERE For FREE Target Downloads

This free target is a PDF document. Just click on it and it should open in a PDF Viewer. Once it does, just push the print button, and you should get a nice color target of two squirrel snipers shooting at you. The size of the PDF target download is 469K.


Whoo Hoo, Mashby Let Us Use Sniper Squirrel!

Sunday, July 8th, 2007

Mashby, over at told me we could use his cool Sniper Squirrel Picture. Here is a thumbnail, if you want to see the big one, just click on the image and it will take you over to If you go over there, vote for his pictures while you’re there.

I’ll put together a free target in the next couple of days so that all you squirrel hunters out there can practice shooting at a squirrel that is shooting back.


Sniper Squirrel Picture BY Mashby

Sunday, July 8th, 2007

Check out this Squirrel Sniper photo that Mashby of the Republicans built with Photoshop over at I should see if he will let me turn this into a free squirrel hunting target. It would be cool to practice shooting a squirrel that was shooting back at you.

Think how scary it would be to face a squirrel sniper at 100 yards if he had a Bushmaster .223 or maybe a .17hmr like I have. Both of those rifles shoot .5 to .75 MOA at 100 yards, and you are probably 200 times larger than a squirrel. Since I hardly ever miss a squirrel at under 100 yards, I can pretty much guarantee that this squirrel is going to get you every time. LOL

I’m pretty sure I’m going to have squirrel nightmares tonight… Pleasant dreams squirrel hunters.


Christmas Valley, Oregon: Squirrel Hunting Information

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

One of our readers dropped me a note with general information about squirrel hunting in the area around Christmas Valley, Oregon. This includes the area around both Fort Rock, Oregon and Christmas Valley.

If you are interested in shooting sage rats in the area, here is some general information to get you started.

  • Take hwy 31 east off of 97, just south of LaPine to Fort Rock.
  • In both Fort Rock and Christmas Valley you just need to knock on doors (they all say yes, except the ones with No Hunting posted.
  • Skip the grass fields, go for the alfalfa.


Problems With Bushmaster .223 Varminter: Bushmaster Comes Through; They Rock!

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

The Verminator was having trouble with his Varminter. (Try saying that three times fast.)

The Verminator’s Varminter from Bushmaster is a really cool gun, with a flat-top for good scope marriage, a heavy barrel and a really frickin awesome two-stage trigger. Basically this rifle is a dream come true for squirrel hunters who need to reach out and put their rounds in the same one inch group at 300 yards. OK, maybe 2 inch groups at 300 yards. But, the point is that this is a very accurate varmint and squirrel type rifle that even a tree hugger would be proud to own; maybe.