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Unity, Oregon Sage Rat Shoot

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

The sage rat shoot is next weekend, April 26, 2008, in Unity, Oregon. If you’re going, make sure you take a video camera or at least a cell phone with a camera so that you can send us the pictures, or post them to If you post them on, and they’re any good, drop me a line and I’ll post them here.

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Video Camera Mounted To My .17 HMR Rifle

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

I mounted a video camera to my Savage 17HMR so that I could video tape the squirrels I shot last Saturday in Unity, Oregon. It took me awhile to figure out how to do it, but when I was done, it looked way more professional than I could have hoped for, especially since I did the whole job without any duct tape at all.

Here’s how I mounted my Sony Handycam to my .17HMR rifle:

First I went to Wal-Mart and bought the tallest set of rings they had. Wal-Mart had pretty good prices on their rings, and I got a set of Leupold scope rings for less than $17.00.

I then went to the local camera supply store and bought a whole bunch of odds and ends that they had in their junk drawer. The main things though, that I ended up needing for my scope mounted video camera, were the base screw and washers that are used to screw video cameras to all tripods.

I then went home and dug through a box of over 150 scope bases that I bought a few years ago at an auction. I ended up finding one that was the right length, and fit the rings I bought at Wal-Mart to a “T”. Then, all I had to do was drill a hole in the base so that I could mount the screw so that it would hold my video camera to the rail.

I then attached the new set of scope rings to my scope, which now has 4 scope rings on it instead of the usual two. Unfortunately, the rail with the video camera on it now goes over the vertical adjustment knob on my scope, but, oh well, I can live with that.

After getting the whole thing put together and mounted on the rifle, the thing was crazy top heavy. So I ran back to Wal-Mart and bought a bi-pod for $40.00. Once I got the bi-pod attached to the rifle, everything worked like a charm.

I then sighted in on the neighbor’s house down the block. (Don’t try this if you live in a town with jumpy cops. LOL) When I put the cross hairs on the scope on the doorknob on my neighbor’s house, the camera was dead on. As a matter of fact, the knob was actually 3/4 of the way down the screen, which is perfect for catching squirrels on tape when you pop them into the air with a Hornaday 17HMR ballistic tip.

Here’s a picture of the rifle without the camera. Notice the extra set of rings and the rail on top of the scope:
Video camera base mounted to a rifle scope.

Here’s a picture of the rifle with the video camera mounted to the scope:
Video camera mounted to my rifle scope.

Here’s a picture that shows you where the action takes place when you pull the trigger. You can see how the picture captures your subject about 1/4 of the way up from the bottom of the camera.
Video camera mounted to my rifle scope capturing a miss on tape.

Unity Motel Has Squirrel Shooting Packages!

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

Bill and Cindy, at the Unity Motel, have squirrel hunting packages for those of you who love to shoot squirrels, but don’t want to waste half of your vacation time knocking on doors. This is especially true in the Unity, Oregon area, where they have a ton of squirrels, but most of the fields are tied up for the Annual Unity Sage Rat Roundup, or by hunting outfits out of Seattle and Portland. In other words, it’s going to be way easier to book a room and squirrel shooting package than driving for hours knocking on door.

If you’re interested in a squirrel shooting package, you need to act fast, before the Unity Motel is booked for the whole season. While most people would think that the sage rat season is all summer long, they’d be wrong. Belding ground squirrels, and other sage rat type ground squirrels, are only up until sometime in the middle of July, then they hibernate until the next spring.

So, if you are interested in getting in on one of Unity Motel’s guided ground squirrel hunts, call Bill or Cindy at (541) 446-3431 and make your reservations today before it’s too late.

ps. For those of you who want to bring your family with you, the Unity Motel also has the lease on a really nice trout lake. The lake is catch and release only, but it would be a really good time for the whole family (minus dad), while dad is out shooting squirrels. When you’re booking your room, make sure you ask about the trout lake too.

I Saw a Ground Squirrel Today!

Friday, April 4th, 2008

I saw some ground squirrels today, sitting in a field right next to the road. I’m not talking about a road out in the middle of the country, but a road right in town. The owner of the property is holding out for a ton of money, so the contractors in town haven’t built anything on the land yet. The squirrels just sit there, right alongside the sidewalk, while little old ladies and their wiener dogs walk by.

Every time I drive by, I want to pull over, get out my .17HMR and start shooting .17 grain Hornaday ballistic tips into their little furry bodies. But, since it’s in town, and I’d probably have to shoot across a major intersection, I’m talking traffic lights and all here folks, I figure i should set a good example for my kids and not get arrested for any more weapons violations. (Especially remembering what a pain the last one was…)

Speaking of contractors in Walla Walla, after the squirrels attacked the house in January, I finally got everything fixed back up. I went to and got a roofing company to fix my roof and facia, and had a fencing contractor fix the fence damage. I even had to have an Electrician from Walla Walla Electric come out and fix some lights that got knocked over in the windstorm. The only thing left is the tree, or what’s left of it, that needs to come out. I’ll probably wait and do that one myself, instead of calling a tree removal company.

On another note, I think I’m going to do a PETA video tonight or tomorrow and post it on youtube. I have about 1 hour of footage of me missing squirrels that I’m shooting at. That should make them happy.