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Squirrel Underpants

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

I’m not going to say a whole lot here, except that this guy is even more “Messed Up” than I am. Go ahead and buy some Squirrel Underpants so that the squirrels in you neighborhood can hide their nuts too.

Reading, Writing, Money & Squirrels…

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

I tried to get my son interested in writing last year, so I bought him a website called, put up a wordpress blog and told him to start writing. I told him that if he wrote interesting stuff, people would come to his website, read what he wrote and leave through one of the ads on the page… at least we hoped they would leave through an ad once in awhile. LOL

He tried, but being at the tail end of 6, on the way to 7, he wasn’t really that good at it. Not to mention he didn’t have any actual experience shooting squirrels. We tried to remedy that with a rubber-band gun, but hitting a squirrel with a rubber-band moving at 25 feet per second just isn’t the same as hitting one with a ballistic tip moving at 3000 feet per second.

So, the site didn’t make him any money, which is a shame since his working online is sort of my retirement plan. He says he wants to make money without going to work, just like his Papa does. LOL He actually said he wants to be the boss, which, when your 8, requires you to work for yourself, so that’s where he’s at…. (I lied, the site made him $1.64. At that rate he can get a check in 62 years or so when it gets to $100.)

After a year, and less than $2.00 in revenue, we decided to build him a book report website, instead of continuing with the squirrel shooting one. I figured, now that he’s reading books, he can work on his reading, writing and blogging all at the same time. I’ll throw up some Google ads, get him an Amazon account, and link that to the books he reviews. As he gets older and reads more, and writes longer posts about the books he reads, the whole thing will start paying off and he’ll be on his way to being his own boss. (Of course, he will end up lacking people skills, since he’ll be working online all day, but every job has it’s drawbacks..)

So, if you have any kids around 8 or 9 years old that want some suggestions on good kids books, then head on over to If you have any kids that like to shoot squirrels, I’ll split the money with them if they want to take over