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Savage 17HMR Accutrigger… $169.98 At Bi-Mart

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

Bi Mart is running a special on the heavy barrel, synthetic stock, 17 HMR’s with AccuTrigger. What a great thing to buy yourself and put under the tree from Santa. Throw in a 150 rounds of Hornady 17 grain ballistic tips, and you’re still under $200.00.


PS. Hornady’s New .172 17 CAL 25 GR V-MAX

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

That’s right, they are coming out with a 25 grain V-MAX Ballistic Tip. The 25 grain Hollow Point was OK, but it penetrated too deep on squirrels. Can you imagine what a 25 grain Ballistic Tip will do to squirrels? MMMMMuuuuuaaaaaaHHHHHaaaaahhhhhahhaahhahhhahahahahhahaha!

Bi-Mart Has Hornady .17 HMR on Sale!

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Bi-Mart has the Hornady .17 HMR Ballistic Tips on sale again. They are only $9.99 per 50 round box right now, and you can pick up 4 at a time. Last time I went in, I took my kids with me and they let me buy 12 boxes; 4 for each of us…

You guys need to start getting ready, we are only about 4 months out from squirrel shooting season! Yahoooooooooo!