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AlaskaShooter’s New Sage Rat Video

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

One of our guys from the forum, AlaskaShooter, has attached a video camera to his .17HMR rifle, so that you can see the devastation of hitting a small, fur bearing animal, with a high velocity, ballistic tip, round moving at over 2500 feet per second. (OK, he might be using hollow points from the way the first one ricocheted, but the squirrels still pop-and-drop pretty good.)

Here’s the video. If you like it, which you should, drop by the forums and tell AlaskaShooter he rocks… (Which he does.)

Enjoy the squirrel shooting video:

Mil Dot Training, Sniper Practice Software

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Over the past few years, when I’ve needed to practice mil dot calculations, I go over to the long range shooting demo at At, they have an online demo of their long range shooting software, that teaches a shooter how to judge distances based on target size and mil dot calculations. It’s pretty cool software for a demo, and lets you practice shooting .308, .338 and the 50 caliber, on ranges out to 2000 meters or so.

The demo has most of the info you need to figure out how to accuratly figure distance and wind, and how to dial in your scope for each shot, based on those calculations. At first it’s pretty hard, but once you figure out that all the math info you need is located under the help button, it just comes down to your guestimation of where the target fits in your mil dots, and dialing the scope in with those numbers. Of course, when your shooting at 1600 yards, being off by an inch at 100 yards, means you missed the dang target by almost a foot and a half.

Spend some time playing with their demo, and if you like it, buy it. Then come back to the forums and tell us how much better you’re long range shooting is. (On that note, Verminator vaporized a squirrel at 330 yards when we were in Unity two weeks ago. Those squirrels don’t have a 3.3″ circle anywhere on their bodies, which means he was shooting sub minute of angle. The squirrel was ranged, followed by one-shot-one-kill. Cool!)