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AlaskaShooter Gets Shot Down

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Why can’t the tree hugging, rat loving, soybean eating, PETA people, leave well enough alone? I mean all we’re doing is trying to make sure that the Vegans in this world have enough to eat, by removing some of the critters that compete for the same food sources they do. It’s obvious that there isn’t enough tofu and veggie meat to go around, as evidenced by the current price of Big Franks, Little Links, SoyChik or Morning Star Farm’s Grillers. Veggie food is currently running about three times more money as good old fashioned meat, when you price it by the pound.

The reason I’m ranting, is because some lice infested, flea ridden, tofu licken whiner, got AlaskaShooter’s squirrel shooting video pulled off of StupidTube, or ID-10-TangoTube, or whatever it’s called, for hurting little fuzzy animals. Seriously, you would think that they would be thanking us for whacking the vermin, instead of whining about it. It’s like having a bunch of little kids who don’t appreciate what you do for them. We spend our time and money making sure that they can get double soy latte’s and tofu burgers. And they spend their time trying to shut us down…. Ingrates!

I suppose it’s a catch 22 situation. If we quit shooting squirrels, the price of soy products go up, and they have to spend more time working to pay for their Vegan lifestyle. Then they wouldn’t have as much free time to hassle us. (But of course, then they wouldn’t have any reason to hassle us….)

I guess I’ll quit ranting, before it starts to sound like I’m whining.

Maybe… Works Again

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

The dang header and footer on the website quit working awhile back, and when I tried to upgrade the site, the whole thing went tits-up. So, then I had to roll back to a later version of WordPress, and when I did that, I lost the ability to post to the site…. Man being a web guy is frustrating sometimes.

So, in the last week, both the main site and the forums have been fixed by professionals from They fixed the spam signup problem in the forums, and set it up so that people can now sign up and start posting again, so get over to the Squirrel Hunting Forums and sign up if you’re not a member yet.

I will also start posting to the main site again, starting with something I wrote last week when AlaskaShooter’s video got pulled off of