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Concealed Weapons Permit: 30 States, 5 Years, $65.

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Anyone with a clean record, who is over 21 and isn’t insane, can apply for a Utah Concealed Weapons permit, even if they don’t live in Utah. The one catch is that they have to take a weapons safety class from a Utah Gun Safety Instructor. Once they’ve done, that, they can send in for their concealed weapons permit from Utah, which will then give them the right to carry in 30+ states.

if you are interested in getting your concealed carry permit from Utah, you can find an instructor, and a list of classes, by state, at Of course, you still can’t shoot squirrels out the window while driving down the road, but now, if you see one, you can get into action faster than if you had to stop and dig it out of your trunk…

My New Squirrel Rifle

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

I saw my new squirrel rifle on youtube today. At a million rounds per minute, there ain’t no squirrel on earth that can get away. LOL

Visit to see more.

New Shooting Videos

Monday, August 10th, 2009

I pulled out my camera yesterday and pulled the disk that I shot this spring in Grass Valley. It has over 45 minutes of squirrels popping and dropping and me missing every once in awhile. I will, of course, edit out the pictures of me missing squirrels, and then get that video cut up into smaller pieces and posted to the site.

I’m using a new piece of software, that lets you turn Sony Handycam videos into AVI’s. It’s free, and lets you make videos up to 5 minutes long, so we’ll see what happens….

Stay tuned.