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Prairie Dog Hunting Video

Monday, November 30th, 2009

I love watching what .223′s and .22-250′s do to Prairie Dogs. I have a couple of friends who live in Montana, and I really need to get over there and shoot some P Dogs with my Bushmaster .223 next year. The sound of a .223 ballistic tip hitting a dog has got to be way more satisfying than the sound of a .17HMR hitting a ground squirrel…. (OK, I’m pretty sure that I don’t really believe that. I’m sure that both sounds are VERY satisfying. LOL) Picks Up New Sponsor

Friday, November 27th, 2009

The North American Hunter magazine is now offering shooters on the chance to Test Free Hunting Gear…And Keep It!. So, if you are interested in getting a free issue of North American Hunter, which is a magazine that fosters an appreciation of the outdoor heritage and the relationship between hunting and conservation, as well as provides how-to editorials on big game hunting, small game hunting, upland bird hunting and waterfowl hunting, as well as giving you the chance to test hunting gear, then check them out. Also, if you join their hunt club testing group, you get free gear to evaluate and keep. They’ve given away more than $3,000,000 worth of outdoor and hunting gear this way, and with the cheap crowd we have around here, that should work out perfectly… LOL

Dead Squirrel Joke

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

My kids and I like this movie. I know most of you redneck squirrel whackers won’t admit to liking something like this, but you should at least like Doug’s squirrel joke (Doug is the talking dog for you boys from Montana….).

Dead Squirrels Make Me Happy!

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

I was driving by one of the parks in town today and heard a crunch. Since I wasn’t paying any attention to what the heck was going on around me, it startled me. Which made me realize that I was daydreaming and could have run over 3 handycapped kids and a church lady without even knowing it. BUT, lucky for me, when I looked in my rear view mirror, what I saw was a squirrel trouting on the street behind me.

Those of us who shoot squirrels on a regular basis know that if you get a perfect head shot, and take out the brain, (what little there is), the autonomic reflexes in the squirrel make it flop all over the place, and we call that trouting. It looks like a Marlin tail walking across the bay. LOL

So, obviously I’m so good that even when I’m not paying attention, I can get a brain shot on a squirrel with my truck. Dang I’m good! They don’t call me Squirrel Sniper for nothing… (OK, Yea, I named myself Squirrel Sniper… So What.)