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17HMR Ballistic Tips vs Ground Squirrels

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Ground Squirrel Hunting using the .17 HMR Ballistic Tips

Here’s a great example of how well the .17HMR ballistic tips perform.  As you probably know, the .17 HMR is an excellent round for shooting ground squirrels and the flat shooting, 17 gr bullet kills fast.  The shock value these rounds deliver is nothing short of amazing against varmints like this.  You can see the Henry Rifle .17 cal rifle by clicking here.

This video was shot using a Sony Handycam mounted on the rifle so you see it from the shooter’s perspective.

Head out the range or your favorite field and try a box of these ballistic tips.  And prepare to be impressed!
Enjoy the shooting….

Henry Big Boy 45 Long Colt Lever Action Rifle

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Henry Big Boy 45 Long Colt Lever Action Rifle

Smoooooth…. Easy and fun to shoot!

You’ll love this video and overview of the Henry Rifles 45 Long Colt rifle.

OK…maybe not the best gun for varmint shooting :) But loads of fun to take to the range and shoot.

Check out the video then Click HERE to get the Henry Rifles Catalog sent to your home.
You’ll love thumbing through all the beautiful, all Made in the USA lever action rifles.