Burris 6.5-20x50mm Rifle Scope

The Verminator put a 6.5 – 20 x 50mm Burris scope on my Bushmaster yesterday, and now I need to go to the park and sight it in. (Did I say that out loud?)

So, now I have my .223 Bushmaster back in action, with a new-to-me, high dollar…. OK, medium dollar, scope on it. Add to that the new, Smooth-As-Butter, two stage sniper trigger and all I need now is a couple of hundred squirrels to shoot. To get ready for that I think I’m going to take it down to the range and see if I can put 10 rounds in the same 1/2 inch hole at 100 yards.

WOW I’m Looking forward to that….

On another note, the Verminator, who has really bad luck with .17HMR’s, just got his Ruger 77/17 back from the gunsmith. The barrel that came on the rifle had a “SLIGHT” problem, where it drifted rounds across the target as it got warm. It was really noticeable, and made the gun not worth a sh*t as far as accuracy went. So he is also feeling the need to run to the gun club and see how the new barrel works out.

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