My Bushmaster V Match .223

I found out that my Bushmaster is a V Match, not a Varminter like I thought, so that explains why my rifle is a little bit more accurate than Verminator’s Varminter. (I love saying that…) But, since it has the same feeding problem as the Varminter, I decided to actually do something about it. I called Bushmaster.

Bushmaster has great customer service. Period.

I called them and told them my rifle had an eating disorder, and almost nothing would go down like it was supposed to. So, the guy I was talking to said no problem, and transferred me to the nice Lady who gives out RA’s (Return Authorizations). I gave her the serial number on the gun, my name and address, phone number and email address, and she told me she would email me a FedEx return label ASAP.

Then I asked her if I could send the whole gun, instead of just the upper, and have them install the 2 stage trigger while they had it. She said no problem, and that they wouldn’t even charge me for installing it, since I was buying it from them. It was definitely the easiest return and fix I’ve ever dealt with with a gun company. (Winchester once told me they could fix a rifle I had just bought from Big 5 (broken), but I wouldn’t get it back for 3-6 months.)

I got the FedEx label and the RA in my email about 15 minutes later. WOW! Now all I have to do is print the label, slap it on the box with my rifle in it and head on down to FedEx. How cool is that?

The best part of this whole thing is that they didn’t give me any hassles, they actually acted like they were happy to help me and, best of all, I’ll be able to shoot the Verminator under the table. This is because I have a better barrel, and once they put in my 2 stage trigger, my groups will probably drop to 3/8th at 100 yards. (I’m shooting around .6 inch groups at a 100 yards now, and that’s with the 200 lbs trigger pull that my Bushmaster has now.) Of course, if we shoot at anything over 100 yards, he will still win, because he actually spent more than $100.00 for his scope, which means he can see what he’s shooting at. LOL

Squirrel Sniper

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  1. sammieboi says:

    Did you ever find a good place to shoot in Washington? I live in Tacoma, WA and I’m looking for somewhere to shoot these little buggars. =)

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