My Bushmaster V Match Carbine Rocks

When I went to the range on Thursday I took a bunch of Federal Power-Shok 50 grain jacketed hollow point ammunition I had picked up at Wal-Mart last week. I went online to print the drop chart for it, and found out that it wasn’t even listed on Federal’s website. It looks like the stuff has been sitting on the warehouse shelves for a couple of years, and Federal doesn’t even make it any more.

VERMINATOR has been telling me that my rifle, with the 1/9 twist is going to like heavier ammo; stuff over 60 grains. Well, if you remember, last week, while shooting squirrels, I dropped 40 squirrels out of 45 shots at 100-125 yards, with Black Hills 55 grain soft points that were so light that they wouldn’t even cycle my action. I had to load each round by hand, just like a bolt action; VERMINATOR says it’s cause they’re a soft point and the AR-15 is made for full metal jacket. But, I digress.

So, I loaded up the Power-Shok to try it out. After firing off a few rounds for zero with the new ammunition, I fired a 7 round group for the fun of it… the 7 rounds, at 100 yards were all on the same line in the 1 inch box on the target and the whole group came in at under 3/4 of an inch. Can you say dead squirrels?

VERMINATOR shot the same ammo through his run-of-the-mill AR-15, I don’t know the brand… starts with a DPMS…. or something like that, and couldn’t get his groups under 2.5″. To me, that means spending the extra money on the, pretty, V Match Carbine from Bushmaster just paid off.

Correction: VERMINATOR’s AR-15 is a Colt, not a DPMS. He has a DPMS, but it is in .308, and it shoots just fine. Sorry, DPMS people…….

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