Squirrel Sniper Offers Services To UK

I saw this story about the need to cull some grey squirrels in Formby and would like to offer the services of myself and my 17hmr to the British people in exchange for a round trip plane ticket, hotel accommodations and a couple of 1000 rounds of 17 HMR ammunition. I know that they need my help in the UK, because they pretty much don’t let you have any guns except shotguns, and everyone knows you can’t snipe squirrels with a shotgun.

So, this is an open invitation to the British Gov’t to fly me and my rifles over to the UK so I can Kill a bunch of Grey Squirrels for them. (I also really like room temperature dark beer, so we should get along fine.)

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  1. DC says:

    Thanks for your kind offer. I am sorry to tell you but if you try hard enough over here you can just about get anything you want. I shoot, a 10/22, Remi 581, Brno 17HMR (Lovely gun!) and an eight shot 12g Mossberg 500.

    And oh yes! You can snipe at greys with a 12 bore (Especially with full choke!) I shot one last week, it was bouncing all over a hawthorn bush about 20 yards away, the shot took a chunk of bush away, never did find the squirrel.

    Keep up the good work!



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