Richardson Ground Squirrels

Check out this article I found about whacking squirrels in Canada back in 2002. Does anyone know if I can take my rifles to Canada, or do I have to hire a local guide and use one of his guns?


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  1. Maloney says:

    Shooting Squirrels or any fur bearing creature is prohibited in Canada.. so when you do it.. make sure you travel wtih your .22 or 17 to the mountains and hide your kill.. its a 5000$ fine and they take away your rifle

  2. John says:

    It is not prohibited, and all the farmers up there are glad to have you knock off some ground squirrels on their land. You can bring your own gun, but you have to bring 500 rounds or less.
    My uncle has been going up there a few years in a row with his friend, and he’s taking me this year. You can buy more ammunition up there if you want, and if you have the landowners permission, you can shoot all you want. The guy that posted before me is referring to shooting them illeaglly without the landowner’s permission.

  3. Bill says:

    Dear Red necks.
    We are more than able to take care of our own problems up here. I you chose to vist our County you are most welcome, but leave your guns at home.

  4. Uhhhh, Nooo, or you wouldn’t have a problem, eh?

  5. Ron in Saskatchewan says:

    Maloney is full of baloney. John is right on, I don’t know what Bill’s problem is????? Hunting ground squirrels is legal in all three prairie provinces and as long as it is done safely and with common sense most farmers/ranchers are glad to have you come and control these pests. Ammuntion is expensive as compared to US prices but .22 and .17 cal are easily found at most hardware/sporting goods stores i.e. Canadian Tire, Walmart etc. You can bring your own gun but I would advise that you consult the CBSA website for the forms and regulations. The web site is AND for information on temporary import of a firearm. Chimo Ron

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