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Squirrel Hunting With A .204 Ruger

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

This video was shot in Enterprise, Oregon on Father’s Day. After going through a ton of tape, it looks like we didn’t get much good material. Either cause Verminator couldn’t hit it, or I was out of focus when he did. The wind was really blowing hard, and he was shooting across a gully at between 90-125 yards with a 33 grain ballistic tip, so he did a pretty good job of hitting what he did. I just wish I could have kept the dang camera from shaking in the wind.

Double click on the play button to play the video.

Even though the wind was blowing pretty hard, the Verminator and I ended up shooting around 200 ground squirrels between us, so it was a pretty cool day. We also got to see a couple of 3 and 4 point bucks, along with a fox, a ferret, some buffalo and a couple of elk. Here is the view from where we were shooting squirrels.

Mountains around Enterprise, Oregon


Exploding Squirrel Sized Targets

Friday, April 6th, 2007

We found some 11 ounce bottles of water and decided that they were about the same size as a ground squirrel. Check out what happens to a ground squirrel, slash bottle of water, when you hit it with a .204 caliber, 32 grain, ballistic tip bullet traveling at 4300 feet per second. Now, imagine if that were a squirrel… (more…)