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Squirrel Kabob

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

One of our readers, Squirrel Archer, and a friend of his whacked this squirrel with their bows from between 25′ and 30′.

Squirrel Shot with three arrows

Here’s the story:

i have been trying to upload a picture of this squirrel that my buddy and i shot from 8-10 yds climbing up a tree. his problem started when he stopped and let my buddy shoot him with his 70′ longbow with a wood arrow. once he hit the dirt we put two more arrows in him and check out the brain shot…these were all shot from about 8-10 yds away….now that is something…. i read somewhere in your site someone asking about the possibility of shooting a squirrel with a bow and now you have it for proof….and by the way we do not use sights, release, or any of that other stuff…..just me and the bow.
squirrel archer