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Hunting Ground Squirrels – Edgun .22 PCP Air Rifle

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Hunting Ground Squirrels – Shooting Ground Squirrels

Some good, clean footage shooting ground squirrels with a .22 Edgun PCP Air Rifle

Gun: Edgun Matador .22 PCP Air Rifle
Pellets: JSB 18.1gr @ 900fps
Scope: Leaper Accushot SWAT 4-16x 56mm

Note how clear the video is sighting through the scope.  Nice work…

Enjoy all you squirrel killers!

Shooting Squirrels Necessary For Pest Control

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Ground Squirrels cause lots of damage in pastures and crops and their holes can cripple cattle and horses.  Pest control methods such as poisoning, etc. is too expensive.  So, you call out the snipers to reduce the population.

Enjoy the ground squirrel hunting video below.

– flatlander

Squirrel Hunting – .17 HMR vs Ground Squirrels

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

235 +/- squirrels less on the farm..

Rifle:  Ruger 77/17

Scope: Tasco World Class Scope (6x-24x-44mm)

Ammo: Hornady .17 HMR ballistic tip

This was taken over a two day period where the problem was not solved completely, but certainly addressed… The dead land in the film use to be rows of trees, and the piles of limb and branches in the video are whats left of the trees. The green is the neighboring alfalfa which they are severely threatening…

Remote Control Squirrel Shooting Machine

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

OK, this is actually a cool piece of RC technology. This is a fully automatic airsoft rifle, with a laser designator, hooked up to be radio controlled. Nothing like sitting on the front porch with a beer, and shooting squirrels, kittens and any girl scouts that happen along. (If you don’t have too many beers, you might be able to refrain from shooting the girl scouts and the kittens…)

Crater Lake Buffalo Company Offers Squirrel Hunts

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Crater Lake Buffalo Company, in Southern Oregon, is offering sage rat shooting this year. For any of you shooters that live in the Willamette Valley, they are a much easier drive than trying to get to Unity or Baker to shoot squirrels. And, if you mention that you saw them on, they will give you an additional 15% off the price of your hunt.

Some of the guys in the forums have shot at Crater Lake Buffalo Company, and say the hunting is great. If you want to talk to any of them, the guys in the Tacoma Death Squad, including OblitaRat and RedMister have both been hunting there. And, according to Adrina, from Crater Lake Buffalo Company:

I had some guys shooting yesterday who went through about 3000 rounds each with a 75% kill rate.

Now that’s some fun shooting!

They only have a few spots left for the rest of the sage rat season, which ends around the middle of July, so if you want to go, you need to contact them quickly. Here’s what you need to know:

Crater Lake Buffalo Company Squeak Hunts
Ranch Phone: 541-365-2227
Cell Phone: 541-810-3956 or 3955
HC 63 Box 291 Hwy 97
Chiloquin, OR 97624
E-mail address:

Spring is nigh, Squirrels are gonna die…

Friday, February 29th, 2008

Spring Fever used to mean baseball, yardwork, etc… Now I realize that I have a much more meaningful role in this thing we call “circle of life”, which may be in direct contrast to the writer of this song, but what the he!!. I was put on this earth to assist critters in attaining their expiration date.

As spring rapidly approaches, I am reminded of this uncontrollable urge to continue the decimation of the ground squirrel problem many landowners face. I realize this a great sacrifice ( I recently had to leave my career of 10 years ) but someone has to step up and git’er dunn. It is shaping up to be a great squirrel season, Squirrel Sniper and myself plan to alleviate the symptoms of life that many squirrels suffer from (needlessly, i might add) and use this forum to share our adventures and technical advice.


17 HMR Vs. 5.4 Liter V8

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

OK, everyone can assume that the .17 hmr is going to be a way better weapon at killing squirrels than the 5.4 liter V8 in my old Ford Expedition, and they’d be right. But, there are times when you just can’t beat the crushing force of 5400 lbs of Detroit steel for whacking squirrels. Especially when hunting squirrels in town. (The local police force tends to frown on the use of firearms inside the city limits for some reason.)

I was headed over to my son’s school to pick him up on the last day before Christmas break, and low and behold there was this squirrel running down the middle of the road about a block away. Of course I’m thinking that it would be cool to get him with my truck, but he’s a whole block ahead, and even a stupid squirrel isn’t block headed enough to stay in the middle of the road waiting for me to get there.


This squirrel was so dumb, that he just kept running down the middle of the road. The closer I got, the faster he ran, but he didn’t head into the trees to the left or right; don’t ask my why, but he didn’t. As I got closer I starting to get a little weak. I’m thinking that “hey, it’s almost Christmas, this squirrel didn’t do anything to me, maybe he has kids in school too, or a poor sick mother to take care of”. Pretty pathetic huh, me getting all soft and squishy on the inside just cause it’s Christmas.

So I decide that I’m not going to do my usual swerve and crunch, and I’ll just “Pass Over”* the squirrel this one time and maybe get a point for not making him soft and squishy on the inside too. I mean hey, I’m pretty sure that I got a black mark for the “God Hates Squirrels” post I did a couple of days ago. (At least I did according to certain religious factions in my family, who think you can’t say anything humorous in the same paragraph with the word God. I think that’s weird, because God has to have a sense of humor, he made them. LOL)

The squirrel running down the middle of the road is now going full out, and not even doing the “Oh Crap Dance” they usually do when they can’t make up their minds whether to go left or right. Since he’s still doing the straight line, and I’ve now made up my mind to let him go, I just punch it and pass right over the top of him.


You’ve got to be kidding me. After all this time, and with me deciding not to do the swerve and crunch, he does it for me. You know what, I actually felt bad for a second there. I’m like, “NOOOOOOO!“, for a fraction of a second, then I’m like, “whatever”, and look in my rear view mirror. As I look back, I can see a fresh squirrel pancake decorating the road where my right back tire used to be.

Of course, being the guy that I am, I turned around to see if I could offer any assistance. You know, like first aid, or CPR, or something. But, since I’m not a skull and bone, dust fragment, surgeon, I figured there wasn’t anything I could do except take a quick picture for posterity. (One of the mothers that was strolling along the sidewalk with her children gave me a dirty look when her kids started crying about the dead squirrel. Like it’s my fault or something… wait, it was wasn’t it. LOL)

She actually flipped me off when I rolled down my window and started singing “Squirrelma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” as I drove away. Some people just don’t like Christmas music I guess.

City squirrel taken out by my Ford Expedition.

SquirrelSniper AKA: SquirrelSquisher

*Passover, Get it?

Calling Squirrels?
(“Here Squirrel, Here Boy!”)

Friday, August 17th, 2007

Since, according to the guys down South, I don’t know squat about real squirrel hunting, I decided to wander the net and see what I could find. And, I did find a couple of things that most people won’t find very interesting, but that I’m going to post here anyway because I can.

First of all, I always thought my brother-in-law, WannaBee, was an Idiot for trying to call squirrels. Now, don’t get me wrong, he may still be an Idiot, but I found out today that the people down South actually do call squirrels when hunting, so it may work for him too…. Who knows.

I was reading an article in the Central Kentucky News Journal by Phil Junker that said that their squirrel season starts on Saturday, August 18, 2007. In the article, Phil mentioned visiting with Knight and Hale, who make squirrel calls… Who would have thunk that…..

  • Number one, that someone in Kentucky can write.
  • Two, that Kentucky has enough people who can read to need a newspaper.
  • And finally, that you can make a living making something called the “Squirrel Magic Calling Kit“. Here’s a link to if you want to buy one.
  • PS. Leave me alone, I was just kidding about the Kentucky thing! If you can read this, and you’re from Kentucky, please don’t write me and tell me you hate me. I already get enough hate mail from PETA.

OK, I just found the one interesting thing, which means I lied, sorry. If this makes you mad, please refer to the above paragraph.

SquirrelSniper Hmmm…

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

My son, JrSquirrelSniper, who just turned 7 years old, has been bugging the crap out of me for the last couple of months to buy him his own domain. He wanted or, so that he could post video of himself shooting squirrels in the backyard with his rubber band gun.

OK, he really has hit squirrels with his rubber band gun, so I owe him his due on that score. But, since he can’t really write yet, who’s going to end up putting the content on the site? Who do you think is going to have to sit behind the camera, waiting for him to sneak close enough to a squirrel to hit it with a rubber band? Hmmm? Do you think it will be Me? Yea, that’s what I think too.

He really likes the videos that the Verminator, Wanna Bee and I come back with when we go squirrel hunting, but how long do you think he is going to be OK with just hitting them with a rubber band? I figure it’s going to take about a month before he wants to get an airsoft sniper rifle or have me get his Daisy Easy Rider out of the gun safe so that he can whack squirrels for real. At that point we will be back to a previous post where the SquirrelSniper goes to jail for shooting squirrels within city limits. I’m not sure I like that option very much.

The other thing I’m worried about is that he is going to be all over me to monetize his site with advertising so that he can put money in his savings account. I was messing around with a site a few years ago, and set it up in his name for the fun of it, and now he expects to get money each month from any website he owns; which is totally BS. Most sites don’t make any money…. Like this one. LOL

So, sometime in the near future, look for (I just bought it for him) to pop up on Youtube with videos of my jrSquirrelSniper shooting squirrels with his rubber band gun, an airsoft sniper rifle or maybe my Bushmaster .223 in our backyard… (OK, The .223 in the backyard would be cool!)