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Concealed Weapons Permit: 30 States, 5 Years, $65.

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Anyone with a clean record, who is over 21 and isn’t insane, can apply for a Utah Concealed Weapons permit, even if they don’t live in Utah. The one catch is that they have to take a weapons safety class from a Utah Gun Safety Instructor. Once they’ve done, that, they can send in for their concealed weapons permit from Utah, which will then give them the right to carry in 30+ states.

if you are interested in getting your concealed carry permit from Utah, you can find an instructor, and a list of classes, by state, at Of course, you still can’t shoot squirrels out the window while driving down the road, but now, if you see one, you can get into action faster than if you had to stop and dig it out of your trunk…

Uinta Ground Squirrel:
Spermophilus armatus

Saturday, June 2nd, 2007

Anyone ever shoot a Uinta ground squirrel? I was wandering along through Wikipedia, looking for squirrels to shoot, and found this list. It is a list of squirrels… Now isn’t that nice?

One of the squirrels was a Utah squirrel, and I wanted to see what they look like, and look what I found: a picture of what they look like and a map of where they live.

Have fun shooting these Utah squirrels, oh great Utah squirrel hunters. LOL