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Hooked on Crack? Shooting Wyoming Ground Squirrels.

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

I read an article put out by the Colorado State University Extension Office where they were discussing the damage and control of the Wyoming Ground Squirrel populations.  Among the various control methods was, of course, shooting.

Here’s an excerpt from this article:


Small, isolated colonies of Wyoming ground squirrels can be effectively controlled by shooting. Shooting lowers the population by removing individuals and disrupting their life cycle. However, if there are other colonies of ground squirrels nearby, individuals from those populations will migrate into the area where squirrels are being removed. For effective control of problem ground squirrels, a population must be kept under constant shooting pressure.”

Ahh….  music to my ears!  Keep them under “constant shooting pressure”. Makes me want to get out and send a few .17 HMR Hornady V-Max bullets down range!

There’s nothing like hearing the crack of the rifle and smelling the burnt gun powder out in the field!  I guess if you’re going to be on crack, that’s the crack to be on.

Take a kid hunting – teach them gun safety – get them out in the field.  Get ‘em hooked on the crack of rifles and pistols and you won’t find them in trouble on the streets.

– flatlander