Squirrel Hunting Forums

I’m surprised that more people aren’t using the new forums. The forum is getting a ton of people, but no one is posting anything. If you have any questions about squirrel hunting, or you know of a good place to shoot squirrels, then head over there and let people know.

Squirrel Hunting Forums

I know a lot of squirrel shooters are worried about people finding out about where they shoot, but there really aren’t that many of us. The Squirrel Roundup in California gets less than a 100 shooters each year, so there can’t be that many hard core shooters out there who are going to go steal your best squirrel shooting spots. (Except for me and the Verminator of course.)

I added a “Gun Trader” section to the shooting forum, so that you can get rid of all the shooting equipment you really don’t need or want any more. I bought out a sporting goods store last year, so if you need anything in any of these categories, ask me, I probably have one… or two.

  • Reloading dies
  • Brass
  • Bullets (.45 gold dot, 7mm, 7mm A-Frame, .355, .356, .357, 9mm, 10mm)
  • Everything Black Powder (and I mean everything from bullets to nipples to whatever)
  • Odd sized loaded ammunition (6.5 Jap, 8mm, 7mm Mag., .270, 30-06, etc…)
  • Every scope base ever made
  • Butler Creek Scope Covers
  • RCBS shell holders, sizers, brushes, oils, etc…
  • Pulled 50 Caliber machine gun bullets (These things are heavy)
  • Shooting glasses
  • Shotgun Choke Tubes
  • Uncle Mike’s stuff (cuff cases, mag light cases, ammo cases)
  • Bags of reloaded rifle ammo mixed with empty brass

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