Squirrel Hunting Forums

Justin sent me an email at the end of last month and asked if I’d put up a forum, so here it is: http://www.shootingsquirrels.com/forum.

You need to all go over there and look it over and see what I left out. The forum won’t be any fun unless a lot of us spend some time in there sharing stories, fighting about which rifle is the best for taking squirrels and then posting pictures of the ones that didn’t get away.

Those of us who do shoot squirrels also need to go in there and help the newbies out. With so much anti gun crap going on these days, we need to help and encourage those who still want to learn how to do it right.

So, Get Ready, Get Set….

GO post something!


3 Responses to “Squirrel Hunting Forums”

  1. justinm-midwest says:

    yay i was mentioned!!!

  2. Veiblebaige says:

    Greetings I’m new here
    And it looks like a interesting forum, so just wanted to say hello! :) :):)
    And looking forward to participating.

  3. sabrina says:

    I’ve just joined this site and it looks great.

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