Free 100 Yard Rifle Targets

I was messing around today and made a 100-yard rifle target. It’s built on a 1/2 in grid so that you can figure out how many clicks you’re off. (Of course I’m never off, so this is just for those of you out there who actually miss from time to time and need to sight in your rifles.)

[We moved all the targets to one location.
Click the link below to get ALL the FREE targets.]

Click HERE For FREE Target Downloads

You have two options. You can right click on the link and “save target as…” on your computer, to print later, or you can click on the link and print the target after the .PDF document opens. You might have to set your printer to print outside it’s margins if you want an exact 1/2 grid. My printer defaulted to 94% so that it could stay within it’s margins, and that caused the squares on the target to be about 1/32 smaller than they should have been.

If any of you have a squirrel, bird or varmint picture you want turned into a target, let me know. Since the 1/2 grid system is now built, it will be easy to put that over any picture you have, and make a great target out of it. (Please, no ex-wives or girlfriends, I get into enough trouble already.)


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