Free Squirrel Hunting Target: Sniper Squirrel!

Here’s the free hunting target I’ve been promising you. I made it out of the Sniper Squirrel picture that Mashby made and said we could use. Now you will be able to sight in your 17 HMR, 223 Remington or 22-250 on a target that looks like it’s shooting back. You’ve got to admit it’s better to practice shooting your rifle against a squirrel sniper that just shooting a simple squirrel silhouette target.

Those of you who are shooting the Hornady 17 or 20 grain ballistic tip bullet aught to try taping a ketchup packet from McDonalds behind the target on the 10 ring and then video taping the results when you shoot it with your 17′s. It’s cool and makes the target look like it’s bleeding. Which is what you want when facing another sniper head to head. (Nothing like seeing an exploding squirrel to whet the appetite of a squirrel hunter.)

I haven’t tried shooting this squirrel target with a ketchup packet behind it with a 223 ballistic tip, but I’m sure when I do it will be cool. Send me any videos or still pictures you make of shooting this target and I will post them here for posterities sake. Make sure you record how long the shots were so that we can enter you in the squirrel sniper hall of fame; “if you’re any good”. Maybe if you’re awesome we will ask you to join our squirrel hunting team next year at the Unity, Oregon squirrel shoot.

[We moved all the targets to one location.
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This free target is a PDF document. Just click on it and it should open in a PDF Viewer. Once it does, just push the print button, and you should get a nice color target of two squirrel snipers shooting at you. The size of the PDF target download is 469K.


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