More Free Squirrel Targets: Grey Squirrels

I made a Grey Squirrel target for those of you who actually hunt these things out of trees. Don’t get me wrong, a squirrel is a squirrel, but I prefer to site a couple of hundred yards away with my Bushmaster or my 17 HMR Savage and explode them from a benchrest while sipping on a soda and spitting sunflower seeds.

I prefer ground squirrels to tree squirrels because there are usually a whole lot more of them, they’ve been eating sage, so they’re already seasoned, and it doesn’t require me to traipse through the woods to find them. (I used to be OK in the woods, but I’m now old, overweight and so out of shape that I can’t sneak up on anything anymore; hence the benchrest.)

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Have fun using these free targets and tell your friends and neighbors where you got them.



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  1. phill(uk) says:

    nice one mate this will come in very handy before i get my shoot permissions for squirrels(i hope)i have never eaten squirrel looking forward to it:)

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