Greytooth’s A Little Pissed

Greytooth posted some nonsense or another on the site yesterday, and I deleted it. He got angry and called me on it today and posted one of his many stupid squirrel hunting tactics under my Squirrel Sniper Criminal Story. So, I’m going to start posting his stupid squirrel hunting tactics on the main site and let people see just how dumb the old coot really is. Here’s his latest stupid squirrel hunting tactic, copied from his comment on my criminal history post.

Enter Greytooth:

I don’t like it when my comments are not posted! I went hunting last week with mittens-on-a-string. (The kind that your mom would make you wear as a kid so you would not lose one of them.)

1. Use extra long string between the mittens
2. Place mitten at base of tree with other mitten on your hand.
3. Put peanut in the mitten that is under the tree
4. Hide in bush and wait (A small bottle of whisky helps pass the time)
5. Squirrel climbs inside mitten to get peanut
6. Jump up and pull hard, swinging mittened hand through air, banging the other mitten with the squirrel in it against the tree.
7. That’s it. Simple and effective hunting.
Note: If anyone yells at you while using this method (in the park), this device can second as a slingshot, launching the squirrel at anyone who may be coming at you.
8. Run.

Greytooth’s Effective Squirrel Hunting Techniques: #1

4 Responses to “Greytooth’s A Little Pissed”

  1. MNsqrlHntr says:

    Well, the last three weeks have been a break from the squirrel
    grind. I have been out in a deer stand for the season here in MN.
    The first two weekends were poor for everyone. In fact, only one
    person in our party got to shoot at a deer during the regular season
    this year. I’m so glad that person was me! I have to express a
    large thank you to my girlfriends’ family for having me. I would not
    have had this chance without them. So, here’s the story.
    Christine, my g/fs’ mom, and I went to the two stands located on
    the north side of the field for the last two hours of the day. This
    was last Sat., the second to last day of the season. We hadn’t seen
    or heard anything up to 10 min after sun-down. I saw her getting
    down from the stand 100 yd in front of mine, so I crawled down and
    ran in the direction. We had driven there, and I didn’t know if she
    was going to drive me back as it was only 150 yd from the house where
    I was seated. But, I caught up to her just as she was backing up. I
    knocked on her driver side window and kind-of startled her. Oops!
    Anyway, I unloaded the 30-06 that was borrowed to me and put it in
    the van.
    Much to our surprise, just as we were driving up to the drive-way
    she says “Look, there’s one right there! Grab your gun and shoot it!”
    So, I jumped out of the van and the rear gate wouldn’t open!
    Apparantly she had not pushed the button hard enough, so I ran up to
    her door and said I couldn’t open it. The entire time, the deer is
    just standing there 25 yd. from the front of the van staring at us.
    She pushed the button again and got out, opened up the rear gate and
    grabbed her .270 and handed it to me. I went back to the passenger
    side and rested the gun on the mail box, which was NOT a steady bench
    rest! Along with that, her exhaust was creating a smoke screen
    between me and the deer. This made it only possible to see a black
    silhouette of the deer through the scope. The whole time the gun was
    swaying up and down, so I just prayed when I pulled the trigger it
    was on target! I took my shot and was more startled more by the
    flash of light through the scope than the loudness of the bang. But,
    I didn’t see the deer running, so I figured it was a kill shot.
    Upon walking up to the deer, I found it was shot in the spine.
    Close call! John, my g/fs’ father was a little upset that I ruined
    some of the back-straps, but said it wasn’t a bad first-time deer.
    It was just a button-buck, but I was just glad to get a shot this
    My biggest thanks has to go to Christine for handing me her gun to
    take the shot, when she could have just taken the shot herself. But,
    she knew I had never had the chance to do so before. So, that’s my
    first deer story, hope you like it!
    P.S., earlier that day before going to work, my g/f told me a
    story of how she dreamed of turning into that same drive-way, seeing
    a deer, getting her gun out of her trunk and shooting it. Ironic
    isn’t it? Sorry for stealing your dream hun, I love you!

  2. Transplanted CO Pdog shooter says:

    seems greytooth’s hunting tactics are a bit dubious at best. Where’s the video for that one, dude?

  3. Can you imagine if we did have a video? It would be so damn funny you would pee yourself… LOL

    I have a ton of tree squirrels in my back yard, I wonder if I can get one of them to try and get a peanut out of a mitten?????? Of course I would need the bottle of whisky to even try!

  4. Transplanted CO Pdog shooter says:

    “get the peanut out of a mitten” seems like a game I played at the bars in college. Funny, bottles of whiskey were needed for that game too. Its kind of like “kiss the bunny between the ears”.

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