Unity Motel Has Squirrel Shooting Packages!

Bill and Cindy, at the Unity Motel, have squirrel hunting packages for those of you who love to shoot squirrels, but don’t want to waste half of your vacation time knocking on doors. This is especially true in the Unity, Oregon area, where they have a ton of squirrels, but most of the fields are tied up for the Annual Unity Sage Rat Roundup, or by hunting outfits out of Seattle and Portland. In other words, it’s going to be way easier to book a room and squirrel shooting package than driving for hours knocking on door.

If you’re interested in a squirrel shooting package, you need to act fast, before the Unity Motel is booked for the whole season. While most people would think that the sage rat season is all summer long, they’d be wrong. Belding ground squirrels, and other sage rat type ground squirrels, are only up until sometime in the middle of July, then they hibernate until the next spring.

So, if you are interested in getting in on one of Unity Motel’s guided ground squirrel hunts, call Bill or Cindy at (541) 446-3431 and make your reservations today before it’s too late.

ps. For those of you who want to bring your family with you, the Unity Motel also has the lease on a really nice trout lake. The lake is catch and release only, but it would be a really good time for the whole family (minus dad), while dad is out shooting squirrels. When you’re booking your room, make sure you ask about the trout lake too.

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