Henry Rifles .45-70

Henry .45-70 Rifle Lever Action – new caliber, new rifle

I know, I know…this is not a squirrel or varmint-class rifle!

But, Oh – what a beauty!  Any gun nut would love to get their hands on this lever action!

Henry Rifle .45-70 Lever Action

Henry Repeating Arms .45-70 Lever Action

Reading some of the other write-ups about this it seems there is a LOT of interest in this rifle. Introduced by the U.S. Army in 1873, this cartridge was first known as the .45 Government.  This is a big game rifle – suitable for deer to some of the largest game you can take.

Folks in bear country up North in Canada and Alaska will love this gun.

And, coming from Henry, you can bank on an excellent quality and that classic Henry smooth lever action.

I think this gun alone would be a good reason to get the latest Henry Rifles Catalog.  You can get yours free by clicking the .45-70 above.

Stop drooling…

Now – back to our varmint discussions….


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