Clemson University: Squirrel Info

Did you know that people study squirrels and other forms of wildlife? Yep, they even put out reports that, unknown to them, fall into the hands of crazy backwoods squirrel shooters.

Here is the link to a study by Clemson University dealing with Franklin, Richardson, Columbian, Washington and Townsend Ground Squirrels

I’ll post some studies on the Belding’s Ground Squirrel pretty soon.

6 Responses to “Clemson University: Squirrel Info”

  1. Shotgun says:

    SS, YOU are retarded.
    Is this the most fun you backwards, redneck folk from the Northwest can come up with? Do ground squirrels fall into your regular squirrel category or just the cute kind with the busy tails? Don’t let your kids know you are a squirrel killer. They’ll think you’re out to get Tico on Dora the Explorer. Murderer!!!!!!!!!

  2. You’re a wienie, AKA Wiener… Tico ain’t real, I checked before I put up the site, cause my two 14 your old sons are in kinderkarten and all those young-uns just love that dang skwurl.

    Anyway, I know where you live Shotgun, so don’t be calling me a retard; it’s not politically correct. I’m mentally challenged do to retarded developement from inhaling the fumes of noxious weeds. Oh, not to mention from living downwind from Hanford and the Umatilla Army Depot, where they have been storing leaking nerve gas containers since the second world war.

  3. VERMINATOR says:

    Actually, ground squirrels fall into the “looook out behind you, they are massing for an attack” category, and must be dealt with accordingly. We never shoot alone, only in pairs for safety. We always have more than one weapon for when the barrels get too hot. Each team member must have a loaded weapon at all times, because these rats can tunnel in any direction, and unknowingly pop up behind or under an unsuspecting member of the SquirrelSquad(tm). I know, we have had some very close calls, and only the eagle eye and lightning quick actions of SS saved the day. BTW SS, thanks for the links to the body armor on this page, I ordered some for our next outing. LockNload good buddy, they are still out there overbreeding. Its time for some more “thinnin out the numbers….” Remember, its a rat eat rat world out there….

  4. wanna bee says:

    I sure hope that I am a full fledged member of the SquirrelSquad. Where can I send my dues? I like the fact that my buddies have my back when it comes to defending our homes and families against the rising squirrel population.

  5. Transplanted CO Pdog shooter says:

    This is the most fun I’ve had since I moved from Colorado to Washington. Thanks for turning me onto this site, SS. The exploding vermin videos never get old. Gotta get me some squirrel!

  6. You should log into the forum Pdog and sign up so we can talk. Where are you in Washington? Have you shot any squirrels yet? Do you want to?

    Tell us about how cool it must be to pop the heads off prarrie dogs… Man I want to take a trip to Montana or Wyoming and whack Prarrie Dogs!


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