Christmas Valley, Oregon: Squirrel Hunting Information

One of our readers dropped me a note with general information about squirrel hunting in the area around Christmas Valley, Oregon. This includes the area around both Fort Rock, Oregon and Christmas Valley.

If you are interested in shooting sage rats in the area, here is some general information to get you started.

  • Take hwy 31 east off of 97, just south of LaPine to Fort Rock.
  • In both Fort Rock and Christmas Valley you just need to knock on doors (they all say yes, except the ones with No Hunting posted.
  • Skip the grass fields, go for the alfalfa.

There is a commercial ranch (Dinsdale Ranch) ten miles past Fort Rock (on the way to Christmas Valley) that has a sign-up sheet at their weigh station for hunters. They have maps of all their fields and encourage shooters, but only 22 rim fire are allowed. They have about 20 fields locally, so there should be enough to go around.

There are two hotels in Christmas Valley that are both a little gross but at least partially clean. A guy can easily shoot 50 rats a day and triple that on a good day.

Here is a link to the general Christmas Valley area on Google maps for those of you who don’t know how to find your *** with both hands. (Sorry about the rude *** comment, but I just spilled hot coffee in my lap and it made me irritable. Now I need to go shoot some squirrels.)

I forgot to mention that when you are looking at the Google map, if you click “Find a Business” and then type in RANCH, it will give you a list of ranches and driving directions to them on the map. You can then call them before you go so that you aren’t wasting your time driving around when you could be shooting squirrels instead. Once again I’ve done the work for you because I’m cool.

Christmas Valley Ranches.


8 Responses to “Christmas Valley, Oregon: Squirrel Hunting Information”

  1. Gary Mortenson says:

    Great Info.

    I’d like to hunt this spring. When is the best time to start looking for suirrels?

    Thanks Gary

  2. kevin says:

    do the farmers ask for a fee, and how long is the season? I live in Seattle WA do I need an out of state small game tag? I also hunt sguirrels in South Carolina where poeple eat them. What do you do with these squirrels? eat them or toss them. And are there any coyotes in the area.
    Thank you for answering my questions.

  3. Most farmers don’t ask for a fee, but I have been asked to donate to a local charity or school a few times. There is no season, just shoot them when you see them. We don’t eat them because we consider them cousins to the rat, hence the name “Sage Rat”. And yes, there are Coyotes, they eat the Sage Rats.

  4. Ann W says:

    Definately interested. Could someone make contact ASAP as we had a trip planned but seems that location has been taken by someone else There would be a min of 3 people possibly 5.

  5. Mark Ellerbrook says:

    Talked to Dinsdale ranch this am. Very nice people,however they might not put up their sign this year due to the fact that some ***************
    Stole a quad out of their barns while rat killing, thanks a lot ********
    Its ****** like this that wreck it for the rest of us.

    Pissed off Hunter

  6. Wow, that sucks. I wonder if there is a way to work something out. Like maybe start a Dinsdale Ranch Society or something and have a local retired guy oversee shooters for a daily price.

    If I was retired, I’d do it for them. I would take out up to 6 shooters a day for $25 each. That way it would be worth my time, I’d get to shoot every day, and I could make the shooters pay for anything they did wrong.

    Anyone know someone like that in the area?

  7. ruddy says:

    r there any good public lands to hunt,around christmas valley. weve only hunted the west side of the cascades for timber tigers. cant wait to tear up these big rats. any where please. got a itchy trigger finger.

  8. Mark says:

    Camped in the sage this weekend 20 miles out of brothers. Went out rat killing sat. & sun. on some private ranches. Killed 50 to 60 rats sat. Drove to xmas valley sun. signed up at dinsdale ranch,poor show on the rats. I think we need consistent warm weather for better hunting. Sat. night temp.19.

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