Crown Cattle Company Offering Squirrel Shooting

They did it two years ago and it’s time to do it again!

Jennifer and Mat, over at the Crown Cattle Company, which is located near Seneca, between John Day and Burns, Oregon, are offering sage rat shooting for very reasonable rates. In this instance, reasonable means that you have the luxury of showing up from hundreds of miles away and knowing you’ll have a place to shoot squirrels. In my opinion, their rates are great, and I’d sign up in a heartbeat if I was coming in to shoot squirrels from out of the area.

If you want to shoot on their property, you need to call them at (541) 542-2608 and make a reservation before showing up. (What did I just say people? DON’T JUST SHOW UP, CALL FIRST, LIKE A PERSON WITH MANNERS!) They have a 2 page form to fill out that says if you break stuff or yourself, or shoot each other, or shoot cows, horses, chickens, or Big Foot, you will be asked to leave a check for the damages, and then, “Just Leave”!

The Cattle Company’s squirrel shooting rates are:

  • $35 per day per hunter Mon. – Thurs.
  • $45 per day per hunter Fri. – Sun.
  • $15 per day for hunters 12 and under.
  • Group rate:  If there are 3 or more hunters in your party, take $5 off per hunter. (12 and under not included in group rate discount.)
  • SAGE RAT MOBILE: $30/day

Here are all the rules and regulation, except for the “No shooting Bigfoot type legalese from the back of the form”:

  • You must schedule hunting times with the owner prior to your visit.
    1. Prior to hunting, you must sign a release form and agree to follow the hunting rules. Everyone in your party who will be on the property needs to read, sign, and place these forms in the orange box prior to hunting. Parents must sign for minor children.
    2. You are only allowed to shoot sage rats and badgers.
    3. Driving off roads is allowed only if ground is dry enough that you are not leaving ANY ruts. No driving is allowed on the hay meadows. You are welcome to walk in any of the designated hunting areas. No driving off roads after July 10th due to fire danger.
    4. Do not leave any garbage, litter or ammo boxes behind. Please take it when you leave.
    5. No shooting near horses or cattle.
    6. No shooting around the shop, barn, houses, or corrals.
    7. Close all gates that you open.
    8. Drive and hunt only in the designated areas. (See map that will be provided)
    9. Violation of these rules will get you tossed off the place, with a request never to return…

There are a couple more points I’d like to make. The above rules should be no-brainer, common sense, reality to people who shoot and/or hunt on other’s property. Please don’t make the rest of us look bad and close down another hunting area, like the Dinsdale Ranch, because you’re an ID TEN TANGO.
Here’s a map that shows where Seneca is:

View Larger Map


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