Enterprise Oregon Squirrel Hunting

I was hoping for some good videos from the guys who went squirrel hunting in Enterprise on Wednesday, but it seems that when certain people see squirrels, they forget they have a video camera and just run willy nilly killing squirrels until they are either spent, or all the squirrels are. I personally think that if you can’t be responsible, and kill a few squirrels on video before you begin the main dance, then you shouldn’t be allowed to hunt squirrels in the first place. (So There! You people know who you are.)

Now the Verminator and I have to leave Walla Walla at 5am on Father’s Day and drive to Enterprise to get the tape that the guys who went on Wednesday should have gotten. That means that our poor little children won’t have their fathers to give gifts to, and to take out to breakfast, on Sunday with all of the other fathers in Walla Walla. (The crap I give up to be a good squirrel hunter is unbelievable. You people should be really grateful.)


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  1. wanna bee says:

    Well, I must say that it was a lot of fun shooting on Wed. and having our own personal guide to take us around and show us where all the squirrels were. We did get some really nice videos that were posted on the site if I remember correctly. Ok I must admit I did not get some of the great shots, but we had fun anyway.

    Wanna Bee

  2. wanna bee says:

    Where is your home button?

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