Ironside, Oregon 4H Fundraising Shoot

Next Sunday, April 26th, 2009, in Ironside, Oregon, the Oakes Ranch is having a 4-H fundraising shoot for anyone who wants to come. The shoot is from 10am to 4pm Mountain Time, or 9am to 3pm Unity, Oregon time, for those of you who will still be there after the Annual Squirrel Roundup on Saturday.

The Oakes Ranch is in Ironside, Oregon, and is a mile or two north of Highway 26, about 28 miles east of Unity. Their phone number is 541-446-3557, or 541-889-2302, for anyone who needs directions or has questions about the event.

This is the second time that the Oakes have done this in the last couple of years. Both times have been to benefit granddaughters who are in 4H and have been trying to raise the $4,000.00 it takes to pay for their Student Agricultural Exchange trips to Australia.

Lunch will be available, and, according to Mrs. Oakes, it’ll be pulled pork or BBQ Pork sandwiches, plus a bunch of other stuff. If you want to know for sure, give them a call. Here is a list of the events that are planned for Sunday, and it looks like a ton of fun. All the events have prizes, plus there is a grand prize of $100.00.

  • Rim Fire Egg Shoot: 5 shots at an egg suspended by a string at 50 and 100 yards off hand. This is a rim fire event made for you guys who have .17HMR’s, and still have ammo left after the squirrel shoot on Saturday. The price to enter the competition is $5, and you can enter twice if you need to. (Of course, that means you suck, but hey.)
  • Long Rang Rifle: 5 shots at a deck of playing cards at a distance of between 200 and 300 yards. (You can shoot from prone using a bipod or rucksack rest only.) The best poker hand wins…
  • Long Range Steel Target: 5 shots at steel targets in the 200 to 300 yard range. You can enter the long range shoots for $10, twice.
  • Sporting Clays: 36 clay birds and/or rabbits for a $15 entry fee.
  • Pistol Shoot: 5 shots at 10-25 yards. You can enter for $5 and do it twice if you have to…
  • There is a discount for multiple entries!
  • And Finally, there is going to be a .50 caliber shoot too, but you will need to call them on the particulars.
  • It was also mentioned, that there might be some squirrels to shoot, but you will need to call and ask about that too…

All of you guys who are going to the Unity Squirrel Roundup need to show up for this, have some fun, and spend some money for a good cause. If your willing to spend $75 per hunter to shoot squirrels where the prizes suck, you might as well spend some money to help out some kids.


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