Shooting Squirrels In Burns, Oregon (Part 3)

We stopped at the little store on the corner of highway 20 and Crane-Buchanan road. We got a drink there and the ladies inside laughed at us when we told them where we’d been. They said nobody went that way and we were lucky we didn’t get stuck and have to walk out, or be found by the guys who had Ned tied to the tree.

We wondered back to Rudy’s, shot a few squirrels before dark, and then headed back to Burns. About half way there, I started whining again about how bad the squirrel shooting was and that I wanted to go home to my momma.

We talked about it and Rich said fine, he’d take my crying, whiny, baby ass back to Walla Walla if I wasn’t man enough to stick it out. So I called my wife and said I’d be home about 3 am cause Rich was being a little girl and didn’t want to stay away from home for another night. (Rich was driving, so he couldn’t take a full swing…. didn’t hurt anyway, him being a little girl and all.)

Then I had an “Ahha” moment. I knew where we could find some squirrels to shoot over by “ain’t telling you”, Oregon. (Since we ended up shooting like 350-400 squirrels in 6 hours the next day, ain’t no way I’m telling you where I was.(Look for the clues in the rest of this narrative, you might figure it out.))

So, I called a guy named Bill, who asked his wife Cindy, if the squirrels were out, and she said, “yes”. She had almost run over a couple of squirrels with the tractor while cleaning out the barn that very morning. We called a hotel, told them we would be there before midnight and headed out around 7:30 pm.

Bill took us out to a field the next day that looked like it was full of Christmas tree stumps. When we got closer, the stumps turned out to be squirrels sitting on their holes; 1000′s of lovely ground squirrels, just waiting for us. Rich and I looked at each other and said, “crap, we didn’t bring enough ammunition”.

Mmmmuuaaahhhaaaaahhhhaaaahhhaaahhhaaaaaaaaaaa (Evil laugh.)

We spent from around 11 to 5 sitting at bench rests and shooting ground squirrels. It was unbelievable. In that whole amount of time, we only moved our benches once, and that was to move forward a 125 yards so that we could get a better view over a little hill that was blocking a particularly large group of squirrels.

I’ve never been in such a large nest of squirrels. When there are that many targets, you start getting picky and even a little bit bored after awhile. It was really nice to be able to shoot, take a break, wander around and then shoot some more without having to worry about running out of squirrels.

We even started to get picky about our targets and which ammo to use on which squirrel at what distance. At the end, when we were down to our last 50 rounds of ammo for the .204 and the .223, we stopped, cleaned our riffles, re-sighted them in with 5 rounds and then commenced to shooting again. The last box of shells I had were Black Hills 55 Grain Soft Point Boat Tails, but they didn’t have enough power to cycle the action on my AR-15. So, I ended up just sticking an empty clip in the rifle and feeding the shells in like a bolt action. (It works pretty good, since the AR-15 will lock the bolt back on an empty magazine.)

Of the last 45 rounds I fired, I popped 40 sage rats. I missed 2 because I pulled my shots instead of squeezing them off, and three were at itty bitty little squirrels at 150 yards that obviously didn’t fall within my 1″ MOA. (If a squirrel is only 2.5″ wide and you are grouping 1.5″ at 150 yards at the gun club, plus adding another 2″ at 150 yards due to the wind and the shakes, you should probably not take the shot. LOL)

By 5 pm, I was so sunburned, that I had blisters on my right ear and the back of my neck; making me a true redneck, of course. By then, we were both so tired, that we were glad to have run out of ammunition and were looking forward to getting cleaned up and out of Dodge. The current plan is to go back in a couple of weeks and see if we can hook a video camera to a scope and put some video up of Rocky the Flying Squirrel. (Those of you who’ve shot squirrels with high speed ballistic tip bullets know what I mean.)

Those of you who shoot squirrels for real, and want to trade locations, drop me an email. I’ll tell you where I was shooting if you give me a big fat juicy squirrel colony that you know of. For those of you who don’t want to trade, here is your last clue: It took us 4 hours to get back to Walla Walla, Washington.


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