Squirrel Shooting In Burns, Oregon (Part 2)

The squirrels at Rudy’s were OK, but I didn’t have anything to rest my rifle on to make a decent shot. Most guys that you go hunting with will let you lay your rifle on a coat or something and shoot over the hood of the truck; not Rich. Oh, no. His truck is too precious and shiny. My coat might cause one of the dust particles to remove a molecule of clear coat, thereby letting in evil rays of sun or ozone or air or whatever….

So, I laid on the ground. That sucked! You see, the problem is that I don’t actually have a neck. My head is just sort of glued directly to my shoulders, so I don’t have enough rotation to actually look through a scope when laying on the ground. I think if I got a lawyer, I might be able to get a handycapped shooters tag or something; it’s that bad.

So, I sort of squirmed around in the dirt for awhile, trying out different positions so see if I could get a shot at a squirrel, or maybe Rich, or something, but just couldn’t make it work. (By the time I finally decided it wasn’t going to work, I was just trying to get a bead on Rich and wasn’t even worrying about the squirrels anymore.)

Since I wasn’t getting any squirrels, I whined about how bad the shooting was, and said we should see if we could find something better. Oh man, was that a dumb idea.

If you look on a map of Oregon, there is a road that goes east out of Crane to what you assume are the towns of Dunnean, then Riverside and finally around the shores of the Warm Spring Reservoir back to highway 20 just a little bit west of Drewsey. Google Map

The thing you have to take into account is that the guys who made the map figured no one would buy it if it had huge blank spots on it, so they made crap up. The names on the map are actually ranches, not towns, and we only saw 2 cars in 4 hours, and one of them had dead people in it. (Well, they looked dead…)

Have you ever gotten so far down a gravel road, that you are afraid to turn back? (We were so far back in the boonies that I swear I saw Ned Beatty tied to a tree.) By the time we actually four by foured our asses out of there, we had driven like 80 miles in 4 hours and hadn’t seen one frickin squirrel since leaving Crane.

I’m tired, I’ll add some more to this tommorrow.


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