Unity Oregon Sage Rat Hunting Competition

The big squirrel hunt in Unity, Oregon was held on Saturday, April 28, 2007. There were 32 teams and the sage rat shoot went fron 8am till 4pm. I will be posting a ton of video over the next couple of weeks, so come back and check them out.

Here are some of the stats for the big squirrel hunting day in Unity, Oregon:

  • The total count of squrrels shot, picked up and turned in to the squirrel counters was 6,781 dead squirrels and 1 live one. (Which was promptly dispatched by one of the local girls.) Which makes the official count 6,782 squirrels.
  • Here are the numbers for the top 3 teams:
    1. 3rd place brought in 604 squirrels.
    2. 2nd place brought in 635 sage rats
    3. And, (drum roll please) the first place team brought in 992 dead squirrels.
  • It took two pickup trucks to haul away all of the dead squirrels.
  • And finally, you never, ever want to smell 6,782 dead ground squirrels on a hot day, especially when they have been dead for the last few hours. (You have to remember, just about every squirrel was shot with a hollow point or a ballistic tip bullet, and it blows their guts wide open. Ewwww!)

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  1. Lowell5 says:

    I can’t even imagine the stench… and at the same time, the sight of all the carnage would be over-powering. AWESOME!! How would someone like me sign up or enter for this Sage Rat Hunting Competition? Is there a website outlining entryfees, locations, dates, contacts? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! I want to add to the “pile” next year. :)

  2. shawn blalack says:

    send me more info on your rat hunts and the competition please

  3. Roy & Terri white says:

    The stench as you call it, is the smell of victory. especially for the team that bagged 992 sage rats. My wife Terri and I have shot in this event for I believe the last 6 years, and wouldn`t miss it for anything. Wife Terri (aka the rat queen) was the first female to shoot in this event years ago, and has shot in every competition since. She is bad news to the sage rat population in the unity area. On the butt of her thompson benchmark rifle is the inscription, Rat assassin, if your a sage rat you had better believe it. Great web site, Roy White.

  4. Robert says:

    hahahahah you guys are great thats so cool man that must have been funny

  5. Darius Young says:

    Please email information about the 2008 Sage Rat hunt.

  6. There’s a ton of information on the forum, including the dates and contact numbers.

  7. Ihate Squirrels says:

    Which variety is pictured in the crosshairs at the top of this page? We have loads of them around here and they are such pests! (I’m gradulaly reducing the population, though, hehe!)

  8. Ron House says:


    We are two responsible, middle-aged (old) varmint hunters seeking access to sage rat shooting land.

    Can you please provide any names of ranchers or property owners who allow sage rat shooting on their land?

    We will need accommodations (hotel, meals, groceries, etc.)

    Thank you!

    Ron House & Dave Prater

  9. Daniell says:

    I know this an old post, but I am hoping to find out info for the squirrel hunt in 2009. Anyone know where I can get more info? Thanks!!!!
    We’ve been over there before to kill small defenseless creatures and we definetly would love to see this event, maybe even participate!

  10. Ralph Hammersborg says:

    Yes, please email me with 2009 info. Thanks!

  11. steve says:

    looking for places to go june 09

  12. David E., Scott M. & Jim A. says:

    I hunted Elk around unity last year and would like to get back there a little earlier to start scouting new areas. I would be interested in a “gathering” of like minded rat hunters that would like to help those little rat bastards to meet their maker. I have a party of three. We drink, (Sober When Armed) smoke some expensive cigars, and don’t cheat at poker.

    The key to staying in my camp is SWA, no exceptions.

  13. Mat Carter says:

    We allow sage rat hunting on our property near Seneca Oregon. Call for info (541) 542-2608

  14. casey h says:

    Is there a phone number to call to get in this event? I would like to enter a team.

  15. I think the phone number is posted in the forums under Oregon or Upcomming events or something….

  16. 22mag says:

    David, Scott and Jim. Myself and a couple of others will be in the Castle Rock/ Juntura/ Drewsey area April 30th to shoot rats and coyotes. Be there about a week. Will camp at the top of Beluah Res. in the flat, high water area. At night we drink, smoke cheap cigars and bullshit. We also try and find challenging 4 wheel trails. I grew up in eastern oregon and worked for the BLM in Juntura for few years. I cheat at poker when I can get away with it. just kidding.

  17. 22mag says:

    The guy at Sennaca has good rates. If he has squirrels.

  18. amy bumcrot says:

    looking for a place to shoot some rats and thanks

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