Unity, Oregon Squirrel Round Up

I’m not sure what they call their squirrel shooting party in Unity, Oregon, but I do know that the squirrel hunt is on the 28th of April, and that’s only 12 days away. Those of you who are going squirrel hunting and don’t have a hotel room, are going to have to sleep under your trucks. (I assume you have a truck if you hunt squirrels.)

The Unity Motel has been full up forever already. I called and asked how the squirrel shooting was and they said that it had been too snowy, rainy and windy. But, hopefully, the weekend of the 28th will be bright, sunny and warm.

I went to Bi-Mart over the weekend and bought a 1000 rounds of .22 hollow point ammunition and 200 rounds of .17HMR ammunition. I’ve been trying to pick up 400 rounds of ballistic tip .223 for my Bushmaster AR15, but that stuff is so expensive right now I’m not sure it’s worth wasting on squirrels. I guess I’ll just go back to Bi-mart and pick up 500 more rounds of Hornady 17 grain ballistic tip ammo for the .17HMR, and call it quits.

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  1. Tess says:

    hey it is called the rat shoot. I use to work at the rat shoot. I did bar tending there. Just wanted to let you know.

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