Unity Squirrel Shoot

The Unity, Oregon Squirrel shoot will be held on the weekend of April 28-29, 2007. This is an annual event where a bunch of guys in trucks, with guns, enter as shooting teams, draw a field to shoot squirrels in and then spend the rest of the day popping sage rats (ground squirrels) with their Ruger 1022′s. And man it’s fun!

I heard that last year’s winning team came in with over 600 dead ground squirrels in tow. Can you imagine how flippin fun it had to be to shoot over 600 ground squirrels? And that’s not the really mind boggling part. There where over 20 teams, at say 300 sage rats per team, there would have been over 6,000 ground squirrels killed in Unity Oregon in one day. Now that’s a lot of fresh meat.

I don’t know if there is room for any more shooting teams this year, but if you want to ask them, try contacting them at:

PO Box 7
Unity Oregon 97884
Fax 541-446-3544

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