Verminator Shot Varmints With His Varminter

The Verminator and SquirrelSniper went to Enterprise, Oregon yesterday and shot the snot out of a bunch of ground squirrels. I was using my Savage 17 hmr with the Accutrigger, and he was using his Bushmaster Varminter, which he just got back from Bushmaster after they fixed his jamming problem. (See earlier post.)

I tried to use my .223 V Match from Bushmaster*, but it’s jamming like crazy, so I was stuck shooting my 17. My V Match shoots a tighter group than his Varminter does, but that doesn’t really count when it jams on every other round. (My V match actually shoots a sub 3/4 inch group where his Varminter shoots a 1 inch group.)

But, I digress. Back to the squirrel hunting….

We couldn’t find the rancher whose ranch we usually shoot at, so, we drove up and down highway 3 between Lewiston and Enterprise, and knocked on doors until we found a very nice man that told us we could hunt one of his fields. We drove up to the field and Verminator set up his benchrest looking up a small gully in the field, while I took my 17 and wandered up to the top of the hill.

The field looked like it was about a half section, about 300 acres or so, and we could see squirrels occasionally running hither and yon through the grass. The rancher said he had just pulled the cattle off the fields, so the grass wasn’t very long and seeing the squirrels wasn’t the problem it usually is this time of year.

As I was walking up to the top of the hill, about 50,000 higher than I was, and covered with glaciers, (well, maybe it was only 200 feet above me, but remember, I’m old, fat, and eat Twinkies) I could here the Verminator behind me terminating squirrels with extreme prejudice. I could hear screaming and crying and the sound of battle over the next ridge. (I think he was on full auto and afraid of being overrun.) By the time I got half way up the hill, my heart gave out and I died.

When I came to, the Verminator was still shooting, so I might have recovered before I actually got more brain damage from lack of oxygen, but, there’s no way I can prove that.

I sat down on a rock and a couple of minutes later, the squirrels started to pop their heads out of their holes to see what I was doing. What I was doing was popping their heads off when they popped them out of the hole. It was kind of like playing whack-a-mole at Chuck E. Cheeses, but without all the screaming kids. If you guys have seen any of the squirrel hunting videos that we have done, then you know that when you hit a squirrel in the chest or throat with a ballistic tip bullet, their heads sometimes go straight up for 10 feet or more.

I had to keep moving, because the squirrels I was shooting were country squirrels who lived quite aways away from their neighbors, while the squirrels that the Verminator was shooting in his little gully were city squirrels and lived in high-rises; up and down both sides of a major squirrel highway. In other words, I was having to walk a long ways, shoot a squirrel and then hike on, while he just sat at his bench rest and piled the bodies up while drinking Perrier and having his nails done. OK, I’m jealous. Did you pick that up by the whiny tone in my voice?

We shot that field for around 5 hours or so, and ended up taking about 80 squirrels. I had 37 confirmed kills and 4 maybes, while he had 44 kills. I asked him how many maybes he had and he said real men didn’t count maybes. I told him his nails looked nice. See how pleasant I can be, even in the face of rudeness?

We quit shooting around 4pm, because the squirrels were all dead and we had forgotten to put on sunscreen. We went and thanked the rancher for letting us shoot his field and headed over to see the rancher whose ranch we usually shoot at. He was there, so we went out and looked over his property, but we had done such a good job whacking the squirrels on his place, that we only took around 20 in 2 hours.

I told Verminator that I thought we were so good at killing squirrels, that maybe we should start moving from field to field instead of sitting in one placing and actually killing them all before moving on. Of course, the ranchers do want us to kill them all, but I don’t want to put myself out of business. The Verminator told me I was an Idjit, or in police parlance, an eye dee 10 tango. I think that mean I’m really cool or something, I’ll have to look it up.

He also said that if we were that good, we should be able to charge for clearing fields, instead of begging our way from ranch to ranch. I think we’re that good, but he says I’m full of something stinky and that there are million more squirrels underground, just waiting for us to leave so that they can rebuild. I think he’s full of it, but we will know more next year when we return to some of the field we shot this year and see if he’s right or if I am. (I’m pretty sure that even if he’s right, I’m going to lie and tell you I was… Stay tuned.)

In conclusion, we got back to Walla Walla at 10:30 last night, I’m burnt to a frazzle, I’m tired and my eyes hurt from being windblown and sunfried. I didn’t shoot any tape, because I was selfish and just wanted to kill squirrels. I have tons of footage I haven’t turned into video yet, so that’s not really a problem. If you drop by from time to time this winter, there may be new footage up, you never know.


*I thought I had a Varminter too, but I just looked it up and mines a V Match, not the Varminter like I thought.

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