We Have More Squirrel Shooting Video

The Verminator and I went squirrel shooting in Enterprise, Oregon today. I was going to say squirrel hunting, but since I’m not eating them, it’s just squirrel shooting.

I will start posting video tomorrow, including the video of a nice fat ground squirrel being exploded by a .17HMR ballistic tip. Last time, I just made one big video, so this time I’m going to post a bunch of small ones, with only 2-4 exploding squirrels in each segment.

I will start with the 17 HMR video, since that’s what everyone on youtube and google have been clamoring for. If the video of the squirrel getting shot with the 17 doesn’t end up being any good, I will go to the park and shoot one with my 17 so that everyone is happy.

Disclaimer: The tape may also contain scenes of my arrest. How freaked out do you think the cops would be responding to:

" 1 Adam 12, 1 Adam 12. We have a report of an old, fat, white male, eating Twinkies and videotaping himself shooting squirrels with a high velocity rifle in Pioneer Park. He is armed and assumed demented, please use caution."

Can you hear the dueling banjos?


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