Who Wants To Shoot Squirrels on 6000 Acres of Hay?

Guess what we might have access to? Remember 2 years ago, when the winning team at the Unity Squirrel Shoot came in with 996 dead squirrels in 5 hours of shooting (They quit picking them up at 1pm, when they thought they had a thousand dead squirrels, and then just kept on shooting squirrels for the next 3 hours.)? And then last year, when I was all up and excited about the 700-1000 squirrel that the Verminator, a newbie and I shot in an 8 hour day? Well, squirrel shooters, that hay ranch might be willing to let groups of hunters reserve days if they’re willing to pay for it.

Before you get all uppity about paying for shooting squirrels, remember how it sucks driving around all day and not being able to find a rancher that’ll let you shoot on his place, especially when the weekend already cost you $400 in gas, hotel, food and licenses? Remember how he took one look at your pretty pickup or shiny SUV, and just knew you were a Portland or Seattle hunter, and didn’t want you within 20 miles of his stock? Or, the 3 years that you waited to get a team into the Unity Squirrel Shoot for $450 bucks, and then only ended up getting 23 squirrels in 8 hours, and that was split between 6 shooters (real story)? So quit your bitchin about the money already….

I’ll let you know when I know more.

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