Ohio Squirrel Hunting Classes

Check this out, the Akron, Ohio newspaper lists outdoor activities, and they have a squirrel hunting class. If you live in the Akron, Ohio area, check it out.

Listed Saturday June 24, 2007:
“Aug. 18 — Gander Mountain, 4938 Portage St. N.W., Jackson Township, will host a squirrel-hunting class featuring tactics and calling. John Pflueger will lead the free seminar from 6 to 8 p.m. Call: 330-498-0995.” Akron Beacon Journal

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  1. I went down to illinois to go squirrel hunitng with my new 22.rifle. If you decide to go squirrel hunting this is the gun to use most the time it explodes the squirrel somtimes it just rips it to pieces. this is all i got to say

    sincerly the squirrelkiller

  2. Tim says:

    well hot damn do i ever love your webpage. i’m not all that computer savy yet, but killing them tree rats i sure am!!! i ran into a similar situation as u with the law, only i got a dui and was on my way home from hunting turns out in pa doesn’t matter if your gun is loaded or not if your drunk your fucked.

    same boat with court had to wait a year with out robbing any banks, but only i wasn’t aloud to hunt or go shooting for a whole year either. major bummer, well after close reading and lots and lots of phone calls, the rules of parole didn’t say anything about airfiles. well as soon as i found that out i went out and bought up a few, RWS model 34.

    Beeman crowmagun, and a cheapy crossman yeah its in the barn. anyways with the RWS and the Beeman they are letal up to about 50yds and more accurate than my AR at 50yds. u don’t get that explosive mist of tree rat, its more of a well its not running away i must of hit it. i took the crowmag out to 100rds and found that it drops about 3 feet and is not accurate enough for hunting although the pellets, H&N match wadcuters where still going through 1/2 plywood, i try to stay away from pot luck shots.

    another thing i found out is shooting up u have to aim low. before u get on my case about saftey i live on 1100 acres and i’m sure that that pettel landing on my porperty and if someone’s dumbass is on my property they can just take that as a warning shot!!! but back to aiming up in the air… ok picture this tree rat about 40feet away and i have a bad shot and take off his bottom half of his face, being that i was planning on eating that and i’m a huge fan of leaveing critters running around my property half dead. i went after him and treed him not i’m standing under the tree shooting up could not believe i missed again so i shot at him again and again and then i got him sorta, i think the fall from 60feet helped, but regardless i got him and ate him with great pleasure…

    figured u’d like the story and i love the webpage. i’ll work on getting some pictures for the page with the airrifles. oh one more quick tip. it seems to me that the pointed or hollow point pellets aren’t as afective as wadcutters. first off they aren’t as accurate, just a cunthair off still plenty accurate for tree rats.. only wadcutters are better in my book

  3. Dang Tim, I laughed so hard I almost peed myself. Thanks for sharing…


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